My Top Ten Women In Music.

Okay, honestly? I almost called this post “Top 10 Fangirl Crushes”. Because that’s what it basically is. These are the women who inspire me, who rock like there’s no tomorrow, and who would no doubt think “thank-god-there-was-no-internet-when-she-was-sixteen” if they knew how much I adore them.

Now, I am of course a mature, intelligent woman. I know how the world works. I know that even our crushes are only human (say it aint so đŸ˜¦ ), so I am not saying that I worship these women for being perfect. I don’t worship them at all. I promise. I do admire their intelligence, their talent, their strength in a difficult industry, and their passion to make a difference.

Let’s start at number ten. Nothing like a bit of suspense.

10. Courtney Love (Hole), she may well be a total nutbag, but she is also undoubtedly a killer singer and songwriter. This video by Hole hails from well before Hollywood got it’s hands on her and polished her up.

9. Carrie Brownstein (Sleater Kinney, Wild Flag, TV show “Portlandia”), the thinking persons indie favourite. Not only was she one of the pioneers of the riot grrrl scene, she also writes and appears on a cult comedy sketch show, and on stage with a guitar she is a knock out.

8. Amaya Laucirica (singer/songwriter in self titled band), an Australian talent with one of the most beautiful voices. Currently working on her third album.

7. Dee Dee Penny (founder and lead singer of Dum Dum Girls), cool, cool, cool. Sure, looks aren’t everything, so its just as well she can also write amazing songs.

6. Patti Smith (singer, writer, poet, artist, legend), what more do I need to even say?

5. Debbie Harry (Blondie), another legend, and my first ever girl crush.

4. Juliana Hatfield (formerly of The Blake Babies, now solo), so criminally underrated, Juliana writes and sings some of the prettiest songs I have ever listened to.

3.  Patience Hodgson (The Grates), another cool Aussie chick. Their live shows are not to be missed, so full of energy. And Patience loves to banter with the audience, which I love.

2. Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, The Julie Ruin), where to begin? Feminist, activist, musician, artist, writer, public speaker, and all round cool chick. Brains, beauty, and some kooky dance moves. I love this woman.

1. Adalita (Magic Dirt, as well as solo), my favourite Aussie rock chick, Ad is just too cool. She is working on her second solo album at the moment, and I am having anxiety at not having seen her play live since December 2011. Need. A. Fix.

…and just for good measure:

There were other fine female musicians that came to mind, but these are the ladies who I listen to ALL THE TIME. Like, EVERY DAY.

To the extreme annoyance of my family.


See you next time,


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