Turn It Up, Please

Ah, so much musical excitement round these parts lately! After already seeing Neil Young, Dinosaur Jr, Wilco, The Beasts Of Bourbon, AND Iggy And The Stooges so far this year, the last couple of weeks have added even more excellent shows to the calender.

First up tonight we are super excited to see Aussie band You Am I for the first time, despite (typically) loving their music for twenty years. They are playing two of their best albums in full, and I am looking forward to it A LOT.

Also playing a legendary album in full is U.K. band The Cult, who are touring their 1987 album “Electric”. Falling just two days before my birthday later this year, this is another one I can not wait for. I do have to say upfront that I will not be able to stop myself dancing.

But far and away the most exciting news for me personally came when my favourite artist Adalita announced just three small shows to preview new songs from her forthcoming album! So being the die-hard tragic I am, we are also going to the Melbourne show. So two shows in two days, an interstate flight and back, and figuring out what to do with the two younger kids: all sorted. Locked and loaded. Here is the link for the first song from the new album, “All Day Venus”.


PLUS, we are also the very ecstatic owners of a new turntable. Finally. Which has meant we have been listening to all the old records for the first time in twenty years. And in the interest of full disclosure, by “old records” I mean my husband’s collection, which is impressive and contains some very valuable treasures. My own collection consists of two soundtracks: Grease and Dirty Dancing, Country Ladies, 1984 Shakin’ Hits, Abba’s Mama Mia, and one each from George Michael and The Stones. Which I may or may not have “borrowed” from my sister and father, respectively. I have been all over the internet to remedy that though, and have so far picked up Bikini Kill, Patti Smith, Adalita, and Magic Dirt to add to the collection. And husband came home with Gram Parsons the other day which he says he bought for me.

And this morning, on finding myself all alone in a quiet house, I put on Guns N Roses.


And I danced.

And smiled.

And felt seventeen again.

And that’s what’s so magical about music: the places it takes you. So to my younger self: this one’s for you.

Have a good weekend folks,


2 Thoughts

  1. My ex and our partners are taking our 15yo to see You Am I tonight. I have seen more You Am I than any I’ve seen of any other band, thanks to not missing a show from approx 1993 to 1997! Even saw them in the US and Canada 🙂 So it’s only fitting that we introduce our music-loving teen to one of the most under-rated Australian bands ever. I still haven’t gotten over that they weren’t included in the ABC series It’s a Long Way to the Top. See you there!


    1. That’s awesome, for me it’s Magic Dirt that I have seen the most. Or the Beasts of Bourbon. Though believe it or not, it is now looking like I will give my ticket to my 17 yr old. Crazy change of plans st the last minute and that’s what happens!


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