Cheers! It’s Friday!

It’s the weekend! School holidays start today! Yay!

{Sarcasm levels detected to be very low}.

While talking to another parent at school today we both agreed that there have been an insane amount of birthday parties so far this year. There’s no doubt that my five-and-a-half year old is far more popular than anyone else in the house. He also brought home his first report, and while he is doing very well, far more important to me is how much he is loving school and how happy he always is. Mr Sunshine indeed.

Winter is well and truly here, which is okay with me as it means scarves, hats, beanies, boots, jeans, coats, and red wine. As well as long slow cooked dinners and lots of crusty bread. Sadly no amount of gym time will cancel out how much I love to eat.

I also noticed the other day that I have just about used up a whole tube of my favourite lipstick. {Mac Perpetual Flame for those playing at home}. Which is cool because I love it so much, but makes me nervous whenever I think of it being discontinued. Which it’s not, yet, as far as I know. But, you know, I worry about these things.

I purchased my very first set of copper pans recently. Then kept them in their individual boxes for about two weeks, reluctant to unpack them and start using them. So today I opened them up and placed them on the cook-top, just to look at them for a bit, all shiny and beautiful. I have wanted them for so long and now that I have them I just want them to stay all immaculate, not to mention dreading the possibility that when I actually use them I may wonder what all the fuss is about. {Please tell me they’re worth it 😉 }

I was going over my food blog the other day, wondering if I should concentrate on one cuisine or type of food, create a niche blog. But the longer I blog {both here and the food} the more I come to accept that I do it because I love it, and not because I ever expect to become big or successful at it. Quite frankly I just don’t have the time or energy to devote to making either one of them any bigger than they currently are, and that’s okay.

Today’s FFS moment is brought to you by the UGG stand at a large shopping centre that shall remain anonymous. I finally splashed out on a gorgeous pair of black ankle UGG’s, only to get home all eager to put them on to find that they were two different sizes. Naturally this happens to me the one random time I shop very far from home. Mister Almost-Twenty very helpfully “offered” {okay, I asked him} to go back and swap them for the correct size the next day. Surprise surprise, they had a crazy busy day and had no black ones left in any size or style. So they say. Where is the mate for my size eight I asked? Apparently she didn’t understand the question. And they don’t refund. So I have to head back for a third time.


The reason we ventured so far from home was in search of Miss Fifteen’s formal dress. Happy to say that on that front we had great success, and one very happy young lady left with a gorgeous dress, accessories, and a very hot pair of heels.

We wear the same shoe size 😉

But OMG my baby girl is all grown up. 

*sobs just a little*

Til next time, have a great weekend all.


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  1. There’s a cosmetics company that will custom make discontinued makeup for you like lipstick & nail polish if you provide the brand & shade, I think online. I haven’t tried it yet, and there’s a place in NYC that makes custom lipstick with you to get your exact shade you want. I want to try them out sometime.
    It’s infuriating when a shop won’t refund your purchase b/c that’s not their policy, it’s not like you changed your mind, they screwed up.

    Happy weekend!

  2. Oooh, love the reply about the custom-made lipstick. The amount of cash I’ve spent on not-quite-right nude lipsticks would probably justify a trip to NYC.
    Grrr about the boots. As it was completely their fault and you couldn’t exchange them as they didn’t have an exchange they should have offered a refund, surely? Now you’re waiting when you could have gone elsewhere and you’re going to be further out of pocket with travel cost. At least, I’d have wanted the replacements posted ASAP or I’d be billing them for travel costs.
    Is there a pic of the pans in all their shiny glory? I’m jealous. My pans only have copper bottoms, but I love them. So jealous.

  3. Smiles erupt whenever Mr five and a half is around..He certainly is a little ray of sunshine..
    Mrs B (With glass of wine in one hand novel in the other.Two weeks of this, hope I can cope)

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