Taco Tuesday, The Hunger Games, and no vodka: it’s a random wrap up…


Winter. Even with hands so dry they crack and bleed. Weird but true. That sun just keeps shining and shining.

Being a classroom helper. It’s been a long while since I last did this. Also love my sons school. Any school that has a student stand up at assembly to announce the birth of her twin sisters and is cheered with a round of applause is pretty excellent in my book.

My new copper pans. Gorgeous to look at, and they make everything taste better.

MAC Russian Red lipstick. I bought this years ago for a fancy dress party when I was after the boldest, most in-your-face red I could find. Never thought it would become a day to day favourite.

Turns out the new cooker isn’t just pretty to look at, but is also saving me money. When the first electricity bill came in which featured a full three months of use I was stoked to see a $300 to $400 drop in the bill. In fact I haven’t seen a bill that low for a couple of years. {Not that it’s low by any means, but don’t even get me started on the price of electricity. Blanket, anyone?}

The Hunger Games. After falling asleep watching the first movie and ignoring the opening scenes of the second movie I found myself engrossed despite my best efforts. As soon as the second movie finished and I was typically suckered in by the cliffhanger ending, I went straight to the iPad and bought the novels, which have been devoured twice already. Bring on the Mockingjay movies.

Jennifer Lawrence. Seriously, how awesome is she?

Saturday morning soccer wraps up in two weeks. It was fun, but damn those 5 degree early morning starts were brutal.

Taco Tuesday is now a thing in our house thanks to Mr 5 and his obsession with The Lego Movie. Every week he wonders aloud if we will defeat Lord Business in time. But when I join in he says, “Mum you do know that he’s not real don’t you?”

Planning my 40th birthday playlist.

Trying something new in the kitchen and it tastes even better than you thought plus everyone liked it.


Microsoft. Because when their software updates itself and your hard drive seems to disappear they insist on charging you $125 to help you fix it. No thanks, isn’t that what Google is for? {It’s fixed btw.}

Trying to decide what to cook every night.

Never managing to get on top of everything. Just when I get one job sorted there are at least another ten in the queue.

Housework. Ugh. NEVER. ENDS.

No vodka in the house.

 What are you loving lately? And what are you not loving so much?

Til next time.

7 Thoughts

  1. Loving that I am finally about to get my own space to work – not loving that the computer monitor hasn’t turned up so hubby can’t put it together!!!!!!!!! No vodka in house here either, might see if I can leave it that way til Friday x


  2. Loving:
    Your blog
    School summer holidays are about to start
    The coconut coated chicken with mango salsa I cooked the other night
    That my kindle works again (having been presumed dead when it refused to charge).

    Not loving:
    Son waking up vomiting. A) I can’t handle vomit. B) I’m now paranoid about going to bed in case it happens again.
    Having to wash sheets.


    1. It’s funny you mention that, I remember when blogging was all about that and then somewhere along the way it became about branding, business, and making money. I still like the personal ones best. But if you can make money from it then more power to them!


  3. Loving: blueberry ice cubes every day, the Halloween lovers all beginning the countdown to Halloween-including me, some lil trips & travel possibilities on the horizon and working out everyday. Oh and blog posts like this one!

    Not loving: humidity, car repairs, unfriendly women I’ve just met(and have to interact with almost daily for the foreseeable future) and ummm well those are the main things. I guess they aren’t huge problems when I see them typed out.

    Nice post. It took me a while to think about what I’m loving and it makes me appreciate little things.


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