Live review: The Dandy Warhols

Back in about March or April of this year my oldest son requested that I buy tickets to see The Dandy Warhols when they hit Australia in August. I knew he was into them because: a. when he’s into something we all know about it, and b. when he’s into something we all know about it. I was a bit surprised he was so into them because all I knew about The Dandys was: a. they had a huge hit with the song Bohemian Like You, and b. the lead singer had a girls name and was friends with Evan Dando. Being a good parent though, I bought two tickets, one for him and one for my husband who was also excited to see The Dandys. I skipped getting myself a ticket.

Later in the year there was some discussion about the upcoming Dandys tour, and it seemed that whoever we talked to, the consensus seemed to be that they were the band to see. After ‘fessing up that I hadn’t actually bought myself a ticket I was forced to remedy that immediately. So I did. {But I’m not sure what I was on at the time because apparently I bought another three tickets, which I only discovered a few days before the actual gig, making it a family affair with our two older kids plus a cousin.}

The day of the gig found me in my usual not-in-the-mood Friday afternoon slump. Especially as it was a cold day and I only knew a couple of songs. Until my husband went online and told me that the band had sold out five shows in Melbourne, as well as selling out every other Australian show on their tour. So naturally common sense would dictate that all these ticket purchasers must know something I didn’t, namely that The Dandys were indeed the band to see live. I got a little excited at this point.

It was my first time seeing a band at The Enmore Theatre, which is a sweet venue, not least because the floor gently slopes towards the stage so that everyone has a nice view. There was a moment though, when an extremely tall man came and stood directly in front of me. He might have noticed my pained expression because he turned around and actually apologised for being so tall, but also said it wasn’t his fault that I was small. {Which I’m not, btw. Though lucky for me he ended up moving to the other side of my husband, where his friends were gathered.}

The Dandys came on at 9.30 on the dot, and I have to say there’s nothing quite like the buzz of a good sized crowd excited at seeing a band take to the stage. The Dandys were off and away, sounding amazing. I didn’t know the songs except for a few, but they won me over with the sheer kick-ass-ness of their performance. For some reason I didn’t count on seeing such a brilliant live band. Maybe I expected some Lemonheads type slackerism? {Even though I LOVE The Lemonheads.} The crowd were also in fine form, filling in for the trumpets on Godless, singing an acoustic version of Every Day Should Be A Holiday with singer Courtney Taylor-Taylor, and blowing the roof off when Bohemian Like You was played.

And I should know by now because I’ve been to enough gigs, but some of the best nights have been when I’ve gone along knowing nothing. The gigs when you’ve heard a song or two but walk away a definite fan. {This also happened to me with Wilco and Future Of The Left, two very different bands who blew me away live.} The Dandys were impressive, and it was clear that this is a touring band with a solid long time lineup. The band also looked like they were having fun, and Courtney was in fine form joking and bantering with the crowd. And we all know I’m a sucker for some witty banter.

Note to self: don’t ask questions, just buy the tickets,

And on that note, here’s my favourite Dandys song {for now, until I work my way through their catalogue}, which was another crowd favourite on the night.

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  1. Sounds like such a good time, especially “We Use To Be Friends” which I always think of as the “Veronica Mars theme song”. I can tell what a spectacular show it was from your enthusiastic writing. I don’t mind the slacker-style on stage depending on who it is & how they sound but seeing a band like this, for me this year it was The Killers, just blows everything else out of the water like you said. Very cool that your whole family would do this together, I can’t picture that ever happening to me growing up and having it not be WEIRD. Awesome=)

    1. My daughter said it was the Veronica Mars song too. I hated to compare to the LH but this band were so good, and for some weird reason I expected a LH type of show. As for the kids, yeah, it would have been weird when I was their age, but they don’t usually stand with us when we get inside. Nor did they get a headful of pot, lol.

      1. No I get it! & I wouldn’t have known what to expect with the DW’s either. Not exactly the same thing but my Dad did sit through a bunch of movies at the cinema with some of us teenage girls when we needed a parent/guardian for R rated movies. Nothing insanely inappropriate, all the parents approved & gave permission for the movies but nobody would take us or stay so my Dad caved in after I begged him many times. I’m sure it was zero fun for him but he was being a good Dad(by taking us to see horror movies)…so that’s my closest comparison. But I can’t see my parents at a rock concert with me, you guys are the cool parents!

        (and Veronica Mars is really good, witty, funny you should watch it sometime)

  2. I loved the concert also, I saw them before at Harvest 2 years ago and they were amazing! Great band, great energy and great public! How funny was when they started to have a go at the police and their dogs!!!

  3. Todd – ditto on those three gems but then I start humming the other songs and start to stray – what about trucker, valerie yum yum, dreamt, horse pills, genius, dick, be-in, burned, heavenly, rave up, lotus, and then you can see the conflict of trying to come up with a shortlist. Damn it. 🙂

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