Spring is here!

Is there a better season? Not for me. There are elements of all four seasons that I love and appreciate, but the arrival of Spring feels more like a therapeutic defrosting of body and soul than merely the start of a new season. The sun is shining, the mercury is slowly nudging its way upwards, and it’s all the motivation needed to embrace life again.

Or is that just me? 🙂

It’s also nice to spend sunny hours in the garden, even if most of it is cleaning up all the green grassy weeds that have sprung up with all the rain and are now in danger of choking my vegies. Be gone pesky invaders!

I am happily chugging along on my renewed #IQuitSugar journey, combining it with some #Paleo principles and #GreenSmoothies for a healthy reboot. I am alarmed at how strong the cravings are for something sweet or fizzy, I honestly feel like a junkie craving a fix, and I don’t say that lightly. So I’m working hard at reminding myself of all the reasons I’m doing this.

We have a wedding coming up for our adopted-neighbour-child. And by coming up I mean it’s in the middle of next year. Naturally I found the perfect dress a month ago, when I wasn’t looking. My daughter is also reminding me of my habit of finding the perfect dress too far in advance and then finding two or three even more perfect dresses in the meantime. Explains all the evening dresses in my cupboard which still have tags on them. Speaking of shopping habits I also buy a lot of heels for someone who, well, almost never wears them. I’m not optimistic I can make them an everyday thing like I did the red lippie. Too much ya think?

Last time I was at the hairdresser I noticed a sign for something called a Brazilian Blowout. It’s basically some sort of chemical-ish spray which is applied before the hair is blowdried straight. It seals in the ends, and helps stop split ends and drying. It also leaves hair pin straight. All of which should appeal to someone who spent two whole decades cursing frizzy wavy hair before GHD’s and Moroccan Oil came along and saved the day. But somewhere along the way all my frizz completely disappeared, and now that my hair is long, it air dries with perfect beachy waves. To be honest I am somewhat stunned that, with the chance to permanently {well, for six weeks} straighten my hair, here I am thinking I don’t want to lose my waves. Go figure.

I keep finding more reasons to love my son’s school, and especially the kindergarten teachers. Close to the top of the list after their love and enthusiasm for the kids is that they blog right here on WordPress. Which is perfect for Mum’s like me who somehow always forget to read the school newsletter and can still get handy reminders relating directly to my son’s class. Brilliant idea, absolutely brilliant. There are also fun photos of classroom activities which are password protected, answers to FAQ’s, and a handy way to ask a question outside of school hours. Best. School. Ever.

I am also officially a cat person. Far from being the cool customer I expected, she is a total little huggy bear. She also seems to think my maxi dresses are akin to curtains and plays with the hem accordingly. Summer should be fun.

Til next time,




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