#frocktober2014 days 7, 8, & 9

So I’m happy to report that life is settling back down to normal. School holidays are over again and the house has quietened down a lot. I’m still frocking on, and it’s becoming a funny game every morning of which frock to choose. I know there are some I will want to wear more than once, some I want to save for a certain occasion, and some I want to wear but are a bit over the top for daytime.

And that’s where you come in! How about you sponsor me to get all glammed up for a day? Or something silly like a school uniform? The awesome people behind Frocktober are aiming for a grand total of one million dollars raised since Frocktober was first launched. Whatever you can spare would be very much appreciated, and again, a big thank you to all of you who have already sponsored me. You guys rock. xxx Day 7 was an old favourite from Modcloth. I remember being unsure when I spotted this dress online, I loved the cut and style but thought the print and colours might be too much. I bought it anyway and when it turned up I was not too thrilled to find that it had tiny Eiffel Towers all over it. But when I slipped it on I loved it so much, and the kooky print has since become a favourite.

Day 8 is an example of budget fashion at its best. I picked up this polka dot shirt dress from Target this past winter, and I love that it works with bare legs and open toe wedges just as well as it does with tights, boots, and a denim jacket. Like 99% of my wardrobe it’s also super comfortable.

Day 9’s frock is kind of my summer wardrobe in a nutshell: a beachy 70’s vibe maxi. It’s by Aussie frock maven Leona Edmiston, and is from the current Spring collection. I’ve worn it with heels, or today, with flat sandals. Hair up or down, it’s another frock that takes me from day to night in comfort and style. {I’m starting to feel like I’m a fashion-blurb writer 😉 }.

Remember, this daily fashion show is all to raise money for ovarian cancer. Head to me Frocktober page to sponsor me as I frock my way through October!


Help me reach my target, and if I reach it before the end of the month I have a special frock surprise ready to go!



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