#frocktober2014 days 10 & 11

It’s really starting to warm up, and this weekend we are being promised nice hot days. Which all adds up to an even more fun #frocktober when you don’t have to worry about tights and jackets. Because I for one cannot tolerate bare legs in cool weather. Call me grandma.

On day 10 I chose this gorgeous dusky pink pleated number that I bought on Ebay many years ago. In fact, I am seeing a theme as I frock up each day: polka dots and pleats are big in my wardrobe. This frock is also easy to wear and flattering on. Teamed with white and gold Spurr sandals from The Iconic and a white belt from another dress and I’m a happy camper.

For day 11 I went with this tangerine dress from swimwear label Seafolly. One of my favourite stores and one of my favourite dresses. It even has pockets, and I usually add a belt but since I was just hangin’ at home I didn’t bother this time. Actually I was cleaning the house. It’s also super comfy but as I type this the mercury is rising fast and I may have to swap it for a shorter cooler sister frock.

Keep an eye out on my Instagram over the next few days, I am dropping some hints regarding a special frocktober number. It’s a doozy of a dress and will only come out of it’s garment bag in exchange for a donation. There will be more clues so stay tuned.

And don’t forget that it’s all about raising funds for research into ovarian cancer, and especially for an early screening test. Head to my page to find out more:


Enjoy your weekend wherever you are!


8 Thoughts

            1. No its fine. I kind of feel bad somewhat for constantly badgering, and a lot of the time people just can’t spare it. I’ll be really grateful for whatever I can raise. Xxx


            2. No it’s important & I think most people on here can spare at least $5 if they chose to do so and some can do more and if not they can just ignore it. Don’t feel bad at all, the awareness raised on the issue alone is huge.


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