#frocktober2014 days 12 & 13

You know what? I am loving getting frocked up! It’s really nice feeling well put together, and putting some thought into the frock of the day. I didn’t realise I owned so many polka dot dresses, and I haven’t even worn them all.

I have been dropping a few hints on Instagram in the last few days about a special frock I have planned, but only in exchange for donations. So this morning I shared the big reveal and in no time at all $200 had been pledged.

Turns out people want to REALLY see me do the school run and grocery shop in my 1990’s style wedding dress, complete with beading, dangling pearls, and mega long train. Then one of my dearest friends who specialises in creative ideas and outlandish dress up’s suggested I would need some bridesmaids, and lets all do lunch while we’re at it.

So, it’s happening.

And I need some bridesmaids. There is one of my original actual bridesmaids who I am hoping can make it, but everyone is welcome. We are aiming to get as much attention and publicity as we can and make this thing HUGE! It is all for a great cause after all. It’s happening on Thursday the 23rd of October, and let me know if you would like to join us! I will have more details as they are available.

For day 12 I wore the first of my new buy-one-linen-dress-get-the-second-one-for-half-price dresses from Target. Technically the same as the dress from day three but in a polka dot print. Surprise surprise.

And for day 13 I wore the other dress that was part of the deal. Oh, and note the tresses. I decided to try the Brazilian Blowout after the hairdresser reassured me it doesn’t change the hair in any way except to seal the ends and stop them from splitting, allowing the hair to grow longer. I love it. But don’t expect me to get it looking as good EVER.

All in all Frocktober has been fun so far and we’re almost halfway through. The whole #weddingdress thing promises to be a lot of fun and I’m really excited at the thought of raising a bit more than I might otherwise. To make a donation or to sponsor me head to my #Frocktober page:


And a huge thank you for the recent donations!

Stay tuned for more!


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  1. What a wild idea, you’re going to get so much attention with the wedding & bridesmaids outfits-really smart!
    The last dress, the white & grey zebra is my favorite so far, I love grey clothes and this is a nice, soft looking dress and seems really breezy & summery. Love!

    1. My crazy friend had the idea, she is the best at things like that and we’re really excited.

      That dress is a good one, really light and comfy. I seem to also have a lot of animal prints, lol.

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