#frocktober2014 days 14, 15, & 16

Well folks we are officially past the halfway mark. It’s been an exciting few days in Frocktober land, what with the #frocktoberbridalbash morphing into a group event {see Facebook invite HERE and by all means join us!}, and two days of cold temperatures when Sydney was bashed about the head with a huge storm and category two cyclone winds howling at our door. May I just add in regard to the cold temperatures that I was THE ONLY parent on the playground stupid enough to still be wearing a frock. But I do have to confess that by the evening I conceded defeat and put warmer clothes on.

On day 14 {and my favourite cousin’s birthday} I wore an old dress that I love despite it being slightly large for me now. It has the best flicky skirt and a very cool bird print. I should also add that after the photo was taken and I ventured out the door I marched straight back inside and added tights and ballet flats. Extremely cold day number one.

Day 15 was even colder, so I was left with only a few long sleeved frocks to choose from. I went with this brown and black snake print shift that I have had forever and is also too big for me, but still looks okay and offers both warmth and comfort. I ended up wearing it with a leather jacket which I took on and off at least a thousand times that day as I went in and out of cars and buildings. I CANNOT drive when I’m too hot, can anyone relate?

Day 16 saw the sun come out once more and the last of the rain beat a hasty retreat, so what better frock than a maxi? I love a monochrome, and especially when teamed with a denim jacket {which I’ve had forever and don’t remember where it’s from}, and a bold lip to boot. {Mac All Fired Up in this instance}.

Day 16 is also one of my sons’ birthdays and since I wrote him a very public birthday post last year I shall just say a very happy birthday to a very special young man, who was yesterday accepted to study at the prestigious musical institution he had his heart set on. It was also on this very day a year ago that my parents ruined his special day with their usual bullshit, and I’m really glad that they are no longer in our lives to be able to do that. Definitely worth raising a glass to. 🙂

Don’t forget that I’m still begging for sponsors and donations for ovarian cancer research, and if it’s any consolation you won’t be seeing ANY MORE pictures of me when Frocktober is over! To donate head HERE.

See you all in a few days with a few more frocks,


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  1. That is such great news about Ante! Yay for him. Hopefully the weather warms the frock up for you soon!!! See you Saturday night, if not before. Must make my donation soon too huh?

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