#frocktober2014 days 20, 21, & 22

I wanted to squeeze this post in today because the next one will be all about the bridal bash! I have been flooded with donations in the last twenty-four hours and it’s full steam ahead! I have a few very wonderful women coming along and hopefully some more will surprise us on the day. The local paper has shared details on their Facebook page and I’ve been spreading the word like mad. I have to admit I keep imagining myself walking my son into school in full 1990’s wedding regalia and I am breaking out into a sweat at the thought, so I figure the reality can’t be as bad. I told him what I was doing and why and he promptly asked that I do a car line drop off, but sorry kid. No dice.

Prepare to be embarrassed.

For day 20 I was JUST NOT FEELING IT. You know those blah days? Yeah, one of those. I dragged out a Zara smock/tunic/very short dress and paired it with jeans and converse. Done. Next day please.

Day 21 had me reaching for my “lady in red” frock. I love wearing patterned tights with a solid colour dress, but the photo doesn’t do them justice. Dress by Princess Highway. Love this one. {What am I looking down at? I don’t even know, but I’m probably sick of smiling at the iPad.}

Day 22 was the day I welcomed my little guy six years ago. As birthday boy he had the honour of choosing the frock of the day, and after knocking back ones I have already worn he decided on this lovely Modcloth one I have never worn before. At all. I have had it in my closet for ages, and after all the compliments and a day of the lovely 50’s style swishy skirt I will be wearing it a lot more. In fact it could well be my favourite frock so far.

Don’t forget, there’s still time left to make a donation. Head to frocktober.everydayhero.com/au/ana to find out more.

And stay tuned for all the bridal bash photos and details!

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