#frocktober2014 day 23: bridal bash!

So the big day finally arrived, and with it a huge case of sick-in-the-stomach butterflies. The whole night before I tried to picture myself swanning about the school in my wedding dress, a brand new mum with not too many friends yet, and I was honestly contemplating saying goodbye to my son at the school gate.

But as the donations began rolling in I decided I was going to do my best to deliver.

I made a double sided sign explaining that I was raising money for ovarian cancer, slung it over my shoulders, and hauled myself and my giant beaded and bedazzled train into the car. The stares began as soon as I stepped out my front door and the neighbours were right at that moment leaving for school. They continued as we drove along, and my daughter kept mentioning the stares from other cars. The butterflies went into overdrive as I pulled into the school car park, and by the time I stepped from my car and scooped up my train my hands were shaking like the proverbial leaf.

I put my sunnies on, plastered a slightly hesitant smile on my face, and basically looked straight ahead. At the school gate I began to get the questions, and after explaining what Frocktober was about, scored a donation from one of the grandparents doing school drop off. I walked into the school playground, was soon crowded by a swarm of school girls, posed for some photos, and was given a couple more donations.

My son, meanwhile, had run away from me as soon as we entered the school.

Next up was lunch at Hazelhurst Cafe, where upon arrival I was congratulated on my marriage and told I looked lovely. Pretty funny considering my dress had some stains on it, there was no groom, and I was accompanied by a a teenager in a school uniform. We were soon joined by my partner in bridal bash crime, frocked up as a bridesmaid. We enjoyed a lovely breakfast, and with my sign propped up on the table beside an empty glass, we soon received a lot of donations. A very special thank you to the lovely gentleman who put $50 in the glass. So amazingly generous, and with a total of $117 in cash donations, made the whole morning worth it. With the rash of online donations given in the last couple of days my total now stands at $884.50!!!!!

So awesome, and I am blown away by everyone’s generosity, and feeling like all my incessant begging hasn’t been in vain. And I’m also re-energised to finish off the month with a bang, so I’ll be getting extra frocked up n the remaining days, pulling out the night time numbers and going all out to get to the thousand dollar mark.

Also a very big thank you to Julia who thought up the bridal bash morning tea and bravely ventured out in public in a beaded watermelon pink silk frock, all in the name of ovarian cancer awareness. I also have to say a special thank you to my awesome sister-in-law Narissa who made a massive donation which was so unbelievably generous. I love you two ladies to pieces.

There’s still time to support Frocktober and help raise much needed funds for research into ovarian cancer, and in particular an early screening test. For more head to my Frocktober page HERE.

Let’s bring it home with a motherfrocking bang!

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