#frocktober2014 days 24, 25, & 26

It’s been a whirlwind ’round here folks.

Day 23’s bridal bash was a huge success which saw my overall tally of funds doubled by the end of the week. And I woke up on Sunday morning to a new donation which, combined with the three cash ones I received on Saturday, saw me hit $1000!!! I was secretly hoping for that amount when I signed on but I honestly thought it was shooting for the stars, so I set my target at $500 instead. Reaching the magic thousand has made all the daily begging, posing, blogging, and updating so worth it. I’m now looking forward to bringing it home in style by wearing my fanciest frocks for the remaining five days.

On day 24 I finally wore one of my all time favourite frocks, a Bettie Page retro style from my go-to vintage inspired online shopping site, Modcloth. I’m a sucker for a swishy skirt, and this one has that plus is super comfortable and looks so flattering on. Then that evening it was time for a switcheroo as we headed out for dinner to celebrate our anniversary, and I did my favourite thing of pairing absolute bargains with designer labels. In this case a chain store dress with the most amazing studded heels.

Day 25 was chaotic, being the day of my sons’ at home birthday party for his school friends. A scorching hot day and twenty five six year old boys running around the backyard. But it was a big hit, especially our rock-filled backyard which provided a real life rock climbing experience that they all seemed to love. Also, a big warm thank you to the three mums from school who gave me cash donations while at the party. I didn’t manage to snap the photo until well into the afternoon when I snuck upstairs for a quick pic of what is one of my favourite dresses. It’s by, the kaftan queen of Australia, and is a beautiful light silk with the type of gorgeous print I usually stay away from but looks amazing on. {I might also add that A LOT of champagne was consumed after the party ended 😉 }

Day 26 was an exciting one as I woke to the donation that got my total over the $1000 line, so to celebrate I wore one of my fanciest frocks, a very un-bargain-ish Zimmerman silk frock. But so beautiful and nice to wear. And one I wear rarely as it’s actually quite large on, meaning I need to wear a bikini top underneath or flash my bra all day long.

I can’t believe there are only five more days to go before Frocktober wraps up this Friday. I still have my fingers crossed that the local paper will have a small blurb about the bridal bash in Tuesday’s edition, and might just garner a few extra donations. As we all know, every little bit helps, especially as the need for an nearly detection test for ovarian cancer is so desperately needed. If you want to make a donation before the 31st click HERE to go to my Frocktober page.

I think I’m going to disappear from the blog after this is all over.


Have a good week all.



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