#frocktober2014 days 27 – 31! And we’re done!!!

“How hard can it be to wear a dress every day for a month and raise money for a good cause at the same time?”

And with that thought, back in September, it all began. I signed on for Frocktober, and was eager to raise as much as I could for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. My cupboard was overflowing with frocks which I love to wear anyway, and naturally I figured it would be a piece of cake.

The challenge became apparent on day one as I stood stupidly on my front porch posing for my daughter, and feeling completely foolish. I soon discovered the timer function on my iPad, which with the forward facing camera, meant that I could instead feel completely foolish in the privacy of my own bedroom with no witnesses.

But what really proved the most difficult was the daily begging for donations. I know how many demands there are on all of our wallets, how many good causes there are, and that sometimes there’s just not enough to go around. I sometimes felt like I was putting pressure on family and friends to cough up, and believe me that I am absolutely stoked by every single dollar that was given. All up I managed to raise $1,131.03 {!!!!!}, which is outstanding in anyone’s book. And I couldn’t have done it without all of your generous donations, for which I am bottom-of-my-heart grateful. The local paper also ended up doing a small story on the Bridal Bash, which was awesome as far as raising awareness of Frocktober goes.

As for me, I am exhausted. October is a busy month for us anyway, and it might not have been the best time to join in on a daily fundraising venture, but one look at the final tally makes me glad I did. I plan to disappear for a bit, but every time I plan that I end up blogging anyway so we shall see. What I CAN promise are no more photos of me on my Instagram or blog for a long time. {Even though for about five minutes I entertained the notion of becoming a fashion blogger, but then thought, who am I kidding? Stick to food and kids Ana.}

And while there should be five final frocks for the five final days there were in fact seven frocks, and they looked like this:

Day 27 was a recent Ebay find from the awesome Stop Staring brand which is the ultimate in sexy retroglam. After some minor needlework to replace the straps I couldn’t wait to wear it, and it felt so nice on.

Day 28 was a classic little black dress, bought last year from Target. I also pulled out my rarely worn kitten heel slingbacks which are so pretty and I always forget about.

By day 29 I felt like some colour so I donned an old floaty tangerine frock from Topshop, which is another item I tend to forget about.

On day 30 I went all out colour and print-wise in this Rockmans frock with blinged up neckline. By this time I had something special planned for the very last day. I decided to wear three dresses in one day! {Because apparently thirty-one days isn’t enough time to wear all the dresses I have hanging in the closet 😉 }

The first frock on day 31 was a wrap dress I have had forever. It’s one of those comfy favourites you mostly forget about but whenever you wear it think, “why don’t I wear this more often?” As I was snapping the pics for this dress I heard on the morning breakfast show that the 31st was also the tenth Day For Daniel, a day which marks the disappearance of Queensland boy Daniel Morcombe. Having recently read his parents’ story I decided that the second dress would have to be a red one in honour of Daniel, and the tireless work his parents do in educating schoolchildren how to stay safe. So I wore this very elegant and slightly 1940’s vibe chiffon number, also from Target and also a few years old. {I will confess to changing soon after as the day got really hot really fast, but it was into another red frock which I wore on day three so I skipped another photo of it. Wow, four frocks in one day, no wonder I’m so tired!}

I also had one last dress which I absolutely LOVE but being a knit I didn’t get a chance to wear it at all during the whole month. Then when I was thinking up possible Halloween-inspired frocks for the final day I realised it was absolutely perfect.

Hello, Wednesday Addams.

And with that we wave farewell to #frocktober2014. I’m not sure if I will do it again next year, I really feel reluctant to hound everyone for more donations so I will probably just donate to another frocker. And speaking of other frockers, how MIND BLOWING is the effort by Pottymouthmama, who raised an insane $10,000!!! And all up the combined efforts of all the participants raised a whopping $200,000+ this year alone, which is sure to go a long way towards the early detection test for ovarian cancer that we so desperately need.

Finally, and I can’t say it enough, thank you to all of the following people for their donations:

Lisa, Renata, Angela, Mary, Narissa, Mel, Girlbug, Julia, Jacqueline, Marijana, Karen, Rosa, Kathy, Anita, Nick E, Nick N, Tony, Abby, Ivanka, Gloria, Jasna, Surekha, Annie, Susan, Emily, Cathy, Leah, Bonnie, and all the lovely strangers who gave on the day of the Bridal Bash.

Now, if anyone needs me I’ll be the one having a lie down and a stiff drink.



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  1. Wow, job well done! I’ve NEVER raised that much money before-and all those amazing frocks to go with it. Loving the Wednesday Addams look-be proud of your accomplishment you’re helping & inspiring so many people=)

  2. Well done, you’ve been beautiful every day! But I agree on the Wednesday Addams outfit as the fave. And thanks for sharing your selfie secret. I’ve been wondering how you’ve been getting such consistently good shots.

    1. Thamks Eilis, it’s been a crazy month but worth it. Lol at the selfie secret, glad to share it! You’ve done great too, I have loved your frocks, xxx

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