So long, farewell 2014*

*Otherwise titled, “Thank fuck this year is finally over.”

Can I begin by saying that never ever before have I been so happy to see the back of a whole year? To say goodbye, so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu. But then the Pollyanna in my head notes that through the darkest and most worrying of times came some positive. Our nephew had a major health scare but thankfully {eventually} received the all clear. My three older kids all found jobs that they really enjoy with the bonus that they all work five minutes up the road within a couple of hundred metres of each other. My youngest happily sailed through his first year at big school, while shooting up and stretching out and suddenly I have the lankiest skinniest child I have ever produced. And despite enduring what were personally my darkest days, I am ending this year a better person than I was twelve months ago. Stronger, healthier, happier, more appreciative of the people I choose to have in my life, and more grateful.

This paragraph was originally in reference to sorting out my head and heart with regards to my dysfunctional parents, but then I thought, nah, it’s done and dusted and I’m over it, so I deleted it. {Cue another Judd-Nelson-Breakfast-Club-style fist in the air!}

This year I finally signed up to study and I don’t want to say much more except to note that I’m kicking ass and getting high distinctions all over the place!


I’m excited that at this stage 2015 already has good things in store: weddings, parties, plans for holidays, and the possibility of new and exciting ideas coming to fruition. I am also seriously tossing up saying goodbye to this blog and just holding onto the food one, just clicking that delete blog button that I have thought about for a while and freeing myself. I’ve been sharing my thoughts and a decent chunk of my life through this blog for over six years now, and despite regular posts my heart isn’t really in it like it used to be. What was exciting and fun is more and more feeling like an obligation, like something I should do. I like the idea of not feeling like I have to post something. I am, not surprisingly, sick of my own headspace and am convinced that the world of the internet doesn’t need my voice in it. I’m also more and more compelled to cancel my Facebook account, and it would probably be a good thing to do if I was able to actually do it.

Live music was definitely one of the better parts of 2014: January alone saw Future Of The Left, The Julie Ruin, and Mudhoney. There was also Clare Bowditch, Adalita, Amaya Laucirica, The Dandy Warhols, Jen Cloher, and The Lemonheads. I got a hug from Kathleen Hanna {!!!!!}, got to chat with TJR’s Kenny, finally got a photo with the beautiful Amaya whose amazing talent and work I’ve loved for years, had my gig review of their show shared by The Dandy’s, and got a personal shout out from the one and only Adalita. Early next year we’ve got the super awesome double line-up of Adalita and J Mascis which I have to say I AM EXCITED about!

This was also the year that I bought a Taylor Swift album, which soon became a favourite. Other standout releases came from Sia, The Grates, and Dum Dum Girls.

How could I not mention that 2014 was also the year I tried on my fundraising cap for the first time, and managed to raise just over $1100 for ovarian cancer research. And the effects have been long lasting, with people I run into still asking if it’s too late to make a donation, and overall it was definitely something special to be involved with.

There were no new babies for me to cuddle this past year, at least not human ones, until we welcomed our fur baby Lola in August. She has become such a treasured part of our family, and is the sweetest little scrap of black and white fur I’ve ever seen. I see myself as that crazy old lady surrounded by cats one day in the future…

But at the end of the day 2014 still had more shit parts than good ones, and there was A LOT of vodka consumed. So I have everything crossed that next year brings with it a new start, a clean slate, and fresh beginnings. I’m not sure where this blog will end up, it might just disappear one day and that will be it, or it might keep chugging along because I can’t stay away.

To all my readers and friends, I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy holiday season. Thank you for all of your comments, feedback, and interactions this past year, and I hope that the Christmas season is everything you wish for. Keep well and stay safe.

And don’t be too naughty 😉

xoxo, Ana.

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