A very special kitchen tea.

I was honoured and excited to attend a very special kitchen tea recently.

The girl next door, who we love like our own and who has adopted my daughter as her little sister, celebrates her big day in just over a month. She is known for being just a little bit of an OCD perfectionist, and with a maid of honour who has the same organisational skills as well as an amazing flair for design and styling, the day was truly memorable.

Most of the savoury food was provided by Chomp Life {website coming soon, check out their Instagram!}, and was all so fresh and delicious, especially the mini corn fritters and the pulled beef sliders. The dessert table stole the show though, groaning under the weight of cronuts, tarts, brownies, cheesecakes, giant chocolate and coconut covered apples, eclairs, biscuits, slices, and mountains of fresh fruit. There were also macarons made by yours truly, rose flavoured as well as vanilla bean. And let’s not forget the mezze style platters adorning each table: cheeses, olives, dips, breads, crackers, and cold meats, all looking pretty as a picture.

It was probably the best kitchen tea I have ever attended, and easily the most stylish. There was the definite bonus of being able to pop home to swap shoes, as well as sneak a plate of sweets home for my little man. The wedding will zoom here before we all know what’s happened, because that’s what weddings do. Until then, here are some of the photos from the kitchen tea.

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  1. Oh my god. All extremely perfect & delectable looking! That cake looks like something I’d stare at on pinterest and cry over.
    What a beautiful spread. I’m going to a tea soon but I doubt it’ll so schmancy!

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