How I quit the gym and lost weight.

Sometimes I think we’re being sold a big steaming pile of poo.

Case in point: gym memberships and working out.

I think most people would confirm that at any given moment, on any given day, you could take a look out your window and see at least one person decked out in lycra and wearing sneakers, either running or power walking past their place of residence. Our street seems to attract hordes of them, no doubt because it’s a really long U shaped street with a mild slope on one end and a killer hill on the other, with some lovely bush on most of one side. Every single day, whether I am coming, going, or taking the rubbish out, there is guaranteed to be someone running past.

Although to be honest a lot of the time I’m out there having a cigarette, saluting their efforts as they pass by with a smile and a sheepish hello.

Early last year I joined the gym. I just figured it was time. I had been a member years before, and last year I also decided that I needed the mental boost as well as physical. And for a lot of months I really loved it. I enjoyed the lift to my mood, the feeling of having DONE something about my fitness, the feeling of increased strength that came. I liked the quiet time it gave me, one solo hour where I spoke to no-one and listened to some good music while I sweated some of the depressive feelings away.

What I didn’t sweat away were the kilos. I have written previously, on my food blog, about my weight loss journey.  What I learned over the two years that I lost twenty-five kilos was that food is key. I have lost weight without doing any exercise at all, but this most recent gym membership proved once and for all that without watching your food intake you can exercise til the cows come home and you still won’t budge a gram.

I actually finished the twelve months heavier. Not a lot, but still. The very last few months saw me binging on junk food and booze, and it was the recent wedding of our neighbour as well as some upcoming holiday plans that had me desperately looking for an alternative to the gym. I stumbled across Hypoxi during my online searching, and it sounded interesting as well as promising. Better yet there was a studio close to my house and they offered a free trial session. In a nutshell, and bear in mind I find it really hard to explain, it’s a low impact thirty minute workout in specially designed machines which target the stomach, hips, bum, and thighs. It’s billed as a natural alternative to liposuction in the way that it actually uses a vacuum like suction to improve the appearance of cellulite, as well as improving the circulation. You are advised to avoid all carbs, dairy, fat, and sugar for four to six hours after each session so that the body will burn it’s own fat stores instead. For more information click HERE, to be taken to the official Hypoxi Australia website.

I decided to follow the after-workout food guidelines every day. In the six weeks since I started I have cut out {almost all} artificial and processed sugar, dairy, fat, caffeine, and have cut way down on carbs. I also ended up almost completely cutting out alcohol, and switched orange juice and lemonade for soda water in my vodka’s when I did have one. Portions sizes were also important.

The Hypoxi program advises twelve sessions, with weights and measurements taken at the beginning of sessions one, seven, and at the end. They claim that by following the program you can lose up to 30 cm in total, as well as approving the appearance of cellulite and losing a few kilos too.

And the results?

I’ve had eight sessions so far, and have lost a total of 40 cm and almost 7 kg’s. Eight cm’s were lost from both my waist and hips, five each off my stomach, thighs, and butt, and a few more off my legs and knees. {Yes, as weird as it sounds I had my knees measured, and lost a cm off each 😉 }. I’ve gone from size 11/12 jeans to size 9, a dress size 10, and my waist is smaller than it was on my wedding day. In fact I don’t think I’ve been this weight since I was about seventeen. The backs of my thighs definitely look smoother, and the front look a bit less cellulite-y. The only negative is that my stomach now looks like a Biggest Loser after shot, with loose skin and deflated stretchmarks. If I was more concerned I could target it with crunches but it’s safe to say I’m not that concerned. I’m happy to swap my regular bikini bottoms for a pair of retro high waisted ones anyway. Interestingly though, I still can’t quite get into the size 10 jeans I wore as a teenager, no doubt due to having wider hips from carrying four babies.

Keep in mind, this took about six weeks, and by following a fairly strict eating program. Lots of protein, vegies, and litres and litres of water. Since my session seven weigh-in I have relaxed my strict eating rules because I was a bit stunned at how much weight came off, and even though I wouldn’t mind losing another couple of kilos I am happy to lose them slowly. I am much more interested in maintaining my weight and fitness.

Read anything about weight loss and fitness and you will soon hear that consistency is key, and that you need to stick to something for it to become a habit. This was true for me when I lost a lot of weight years ago, and was true this time around too. And to be perfectly honest I suppose I’m vain in that I like being slim and being able to wear whatever I like, which is a considerable motivation for staying away from the snacks and habits that added the weight in the first place.

So for me it’s pretty obvious: ditch the snacks and the gym membership and be more mindful of what I’m shoving into my mouth. In other words, common sense. No matter how much we might wish otherwise there is no secret trick, tips, or answer, and no magic way to lose weight or get fit. It’s always going to come back to good habits and a bit of discipline.

And maybe a special occasion followed by a summer holiday.


Til next time,


*This was not a sponsored post.

**There is a before and after photo, which I chose not to share purely because of the above mentioned jelly belly. To give you an idea search Google Images for “hypoxi before and after”, to see the similar results a lot of other people have had.


5 Thoughts

  1. Good for you!
    Interesting invention, I don’t think we have those machines here or at least this is the first I’ve heard of them. Cool that you found something you see results from that you can stick with too. The sticking is always the toughest part.”ditch the snacks” is something I should put right on the fridge.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve cut it back to once a week and I’ve been able to maintain the results. Once I get good results I’m really motivated to stay on track, it’s just giving myself the kick up the bum once I get too relaxed that I needed. Snacks have always been my problem too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. SNACKS should die!
        I’m going to take this post as some inspiration and see if I can be a little better behaved with my eating habits and get moving a little more. This week I’ve hardly done any walking/hiking and I only realized today I feel like crap and I bet that’s why.


      2. And thanks for sharing this stuff…food and weight and working out it all personal but really interesting and I always like to hear what other people are up to with it and where they are with results if they are willing to share. I appreciate it!

        Liked by 1 person

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