Two weeks and a few days into our trip I have to say it’s bloody good to be back.

Croatia is the country but Dalmatia is where we’re at. And not just us judging by all the foreign number plates, from Germany, Poland, Hungary, The Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Austria, Romania, and Bulgaria being the most frequently spotted.

I’ve written before about my love for the ancient and historically rich city of Zadar {click here}. It’s where my husband and his family hail from, with my own ancestors being from an island close by. Hubby and I spent six months living here as newlyweds and it has forever owned a piece of my heart. My in laws spend half the year here in a village about fifteen minutes from town, and just five minutes from the sea. By dividing our time here between the old town still surrounded by her ancient walls, and swimming in the sea at the base of the breathtaking Velebit mountain range, our time here is absolutely beautiful.

Despite our frequent visits however, time stands still for no man, and progress is everywhere. This time round I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see that every airport, city, and town offers free WiFi. We also bought a portable modem for our house and it was nice to have decent speeds, as last time the USB modem we used was nothing short of painful to use. {Keep in mind though that you need a Croatian ID card and permanent address in the country to be able to buy one. A cheap and reliable alternative is a Croatian SIM card for your mobile phone. Tarifs and rates for calls, messages, and data are super cheap.}

Definitely a huge highlight so far was having our neighbours spend a week of their honeymoon here, and finally getting to show them exactly what it is that we love about this place.

The sight of the glistening blue Adriatic never ceases to amaze me, and the legendary sunsets in old Zadar town still take my breath away.

The food takes you back to basics, with nothing but fresh local produce at every meal. The quality and variety of seafood at the Zadar fish market, right next door to the fruit and veg stands of the pijaca, are every food lovers idea of heaven. Restaurant Bruschetta in the old town is a stand out.

The only negatives so far have been the twenty-four hour gastro virus that felled three of us, and somehow getting two flat tyres on my father in law’s Mercedes the very first time I drove it. In fact the very first time in twenty plus years that I ever drove here at all. For about ten minutes there I was thinking how good I was driving on the other side of the road, the next I limped into town thinking what the fuck just happened. Naturally it was 10.30 on a Friday night.

The tyres were only a month old.

And expensive.

Obviously the universe has decided that I should stick to drinking and not driving while here.

I think I can manage it. 😉

Til next time, cheers.


P.S. My favourite photo so far is this one below and at the top of the page, taken by my daughter, of the town of Novigrad in Dalmatia.

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  1. Just gorgeous and heavenly. (Minus those two flat tires, wtf!) and good job driving on the other side of the road anyway! Beautiful blue sky & blue sea photos thank you for sharing with us.

    1. Thanks Susan. Although the virus seems to be back, round two for me, and my daughter started overnight. But no complaining, it’s not like we’re getting up to go to work. Hope you’re well.

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