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If baby brain is an actual thing then holiday brain is too. The less I have to think about the less I am able to do so. The less I cook complicated meals the less I am even able to remember exactly what I used to cook. Fresh local seafood, vegies picked from the neighbour’s fields every morning, and some crusty bread. There’s always a whole prosciutto hanging in the house, and that’s about it. Eating out is often cheaper than buying the ingredients and making your own.

The stomach virus has been a bitch. I was served up a second dose a day after I started to feel better, and another two of the kids also copped a serve. So basically we have all been lying around feeling miserable and shedding pounds like there’s no tomorrow. Even when the bug does leave the building we’re left with very sore and tender stomachs and no appetite at all.

Not helping our misery is the fact that Croatia doesn’t do summer by halves. Scorching hot temperatures for days on end. And depending where your bedroom window faces, the chance of no relief at all from the nightly breeze. But I am happy to say that the days of dragging the small portable fan from room to room are over, as we are having life saving air conditioning installed at this very minute. One is already working and it feels heavenly.

Planning a long weekend trip up north to visit relatives, and after the kids and neighbours all put me on to it, AirBNB has been brilliant. Two separate hotel rooms for the four of us versus a whole apartment with kitchen, bathroom, free internet, and a parking space at half the price? No contest.

Love the fact the the city of Zadar makes paying for parking so easy. It’s as easy as SMS-ing your number plate to the number on the meter, at he cost of about one Aussie dollar an hour. Ten minutes before the hour is up you are sent a reminder, and can either make your way to the car or send another message for another hour. The cost of the parking comes off your phone credit. Genius. Why doesn’t a smart advanced city like Sydney have anything so easy and clever? In fact why don’t shopping malls and airports have it either?

It always blows me away to see how smoking friendly Croatia still is. I have yet to see a single location where smoking is not allowed. Someone told us yesterday that the government tried to ban smoking at cafe’s and restaurants a while back, only to be met with mass business closures. Apparently customers deserted their favourite haunts in droves when they found that they couldn’t smoke there. And even though I am guilty of partaking of the filthy habit on occasion, I have to say that I have always gone to great lengths to never smoke around my kids. But I hate the fact that kids sitting at an outdoor cafe with their parents have no choice but to cop a lungful of passive smoke. It’s just not right.

Love the feeling you get when you try/see/do/visit/eat something that blew you away last trip, and it’s still just as good. Some of my all time favourite things in the world while here include: the maraschino cherry ice creams {which are native to Zadar}, grilled calamari {ordered absolutely anywhere, always cooked to perfection}, the pizza’s {thin wood-fired base, a few simple toppings}, the bura when it blows down from the mountains and refreshes everything, the views, the krafne {doughnuts} filled with either jam or chocolate, restoran Pece in Vinjerac, and the best pancakes in the world at Teta Ivka’s stand right on the water at St Filip Jakov {tell her I sent you}.

Sv Filip Jakov. The kiosk in the corner, pancake heaven.
Sv Filip Jakov. The kiosk in the corner, pancake heaven.

Summer sales are on here and it took me only about fifteen minutes to pick up three summer dresses and a necklace in Mango on Kalelarga, for well under a hundred Aussie dollars.

But I guess shopping is shopping after all, and a girl can manage that pretty much anywhere.

Also very cheap, the booze.

The air conditioning is all installed, so of course we’re now going into town for a drink.

It’s a tough life, I know.

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  1. The pancakes are big like crepes but a bit thicker and fluffier. Toppings include different jams (jellies?), Nutella, euro cream, wLnut, and coconut. For about two bucks. Hubby’s aunt makes the best. Virus is gone, yay!, and the appetite is back.

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