2015: the year that kicked ass.

Goodbye-2015-and-hello-2016-photoFor the last two weeks I have been itching to write a Merry Christmas post, wrapping up the year, and most likely signing off from this blog indefinitely.

Problem: I would have to use my precious free time.

It’s only now, on Boxing Day and with a couple of weeks off and more than a couple of bottles of champagnes polished off that there’s more time. So one of the first things I did this morning was to re-read the last post I wrote last year. To see where I was at, mentally and emotionally.

I ended 2014 strong and excited about 2015, but was never more glad to see the end of a year EVER. It was an absolute shocker. But what I remember about last December is having a sense that good things were just around the corner. I had finally managed to decide what I wanted to pursue work wise, and was already doing things and chasing opportunities to make that happen. Funnily enough I kind of KNEW that it would actually happen this time, and I remember the instinctive feeling that it was MY time. Time to make things happen, time to aim high, time to get off my safe and comfortable butt and get out of my comfort zone.

I marched straight up to 2015 ready to make it my bitch.

Did I? Well, it sure feels like it. Maybe because of the challenges I faced it was a year for soul searching, a year for putting yourself out there and trusting the universe to have your back.

I wonder if going into it with a positive and optimistic frame of mind helped, rather than the way I started 2014, full of pain, hurt, and under  a cloud of darkness. Phrases like what you put out will come back to you come to mind.


We also had travel, taking six weeks to laze about under a hot European sun while catching up with loved ones.

There was one big fat awesome Greek slash Lebanese wedding which was probably the funnest wedding ever.

There was success for my two oldest sons. One is about to release his first album and the other has been offered a full time position as a music journalist for one of the big online music magazines.

Watching one of my boys fall head over heels in love was pretty amazing too.

Constantly reminding myself that my daughter is almost a woman and stopped being a child long ago was bittersweet.

So much guilt these last few months at how all consuming the cafe has been and feeling like I’ve neglected my youngest. He has been glued to me these last few days since I finished work. But I keep reminding myself that I am setting him an example of what can be achieved, that hard work always has it’s rewards, and that it’s never too late.

Even though as far as he’s concerned it’s all about the free milkshakes.


But I still spoiled all my kids for Christmas.


My brother reached out to me and my family. And despite finally being in a good place with all that stuff it was nice to know that someone on that side of things misses us enough to make contact.

Receiving a package from a blogging buddy on the other side of the world reminded me how many truly good and generous people there are out there.

Last month I jumped from the Android pond I had been in since the dawn of time and into the flash Apple pond I had been sussing out via iPad. The verdict? I totally love it. Especially the camera. Food photos never looked so good. Or selfies. Kitchen selfies are the ultimate winner.


I managed to discover some new music, always a challenge for me.

Case in point: the Wild Flag and Le Tigre CD’s are STILL in my car stereo. They’ve been comfortably nestled in slots five and six since 2011.

But one listen of the new Chvrches album and I was hooked. Ditto St Vincent’s latest release. Add my husband’s current obsession The Flaming Lips, which I had never listened to, and I am loving the new sounds. And I got one thing very wrong when I wrote a year ago that while I loved Taylor Swift’s 1989 I wouldn’t be delving into her back catalogue.

I have.

I love it.

But then she did take over the world this past year, so who am I to resist?

Although before you should think I have finally developed some cred, the Pitch Perfect soundtracks were on very high rotation.

giphy (1)

Gig wise we have New Years Day to look forward to, seeing Adalita open for Aussie legends You Am I at the Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart, followed by The Flaming Lips in Sydney nine days later.

I love starting the year with gigs.

Chvrches play Sydney in February. And seriously, how can someone NOT like this:

Or this freaky shit:

And it may be a day late but I hope all of your Christmases were really nice. Not perfect, special, or amazing, because let’s face it, that’s way too much pressure for one day. Really nice is good enough. And may your new year be filled with joy, discovery, success, and surprises. Cheers to the few bloggy friends still reading. You gals are the best.

Now enjoy the music, I’m off to eat and drink some more.

Love, Ana.


2 Thoughts

  1. Now that I’m on a pc and not my tablet I can reply…
    You had quite the year. I’m playing the “freaky shit” music you posted.
    True that you seemed to be in a good place & okay with everything that took place with your parents & family but definitely a comfort to have somebody reach out and maybe to know that although it took them a while and they didn’t show such concern in the past it was bothering them inside. If that progresses further, great and if not I’m just glad to see you still feel healed or mostly=)
    Have a blast at the NYE Adalita show! Happy holidays.

    1. It was a good year…

      It was nice that someone reached out, but I agree that whichever way it goes now I’m fine with it.

      So excited for new years!

      And I’m totally bingeing on Chvrches and St Vincent.

      Happy new years my friend. Xxx

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