Gig review: A Day On The Green : GARBAGE :: THE PREATURES :: ADALITA 

It’s been a bit of a sorry year gig-wise. There was a very promising start, with a New Years Day show featuring You Am I with Adalita which came with the bonus of having to travel interstate thereby scoring a mini break, and that was followed about a week later with an amazing show by The Flaming Lips. And that was it until we saw The Dandy Warhols a month ago. {Which was brilliant btw and came complete with VIP hang out experience that I can’t believe I didn’t blog about.}

The traveling Summer festival that is A Day On The Green is a brilliant concept. A bunch of excellent bands and artists play at some beautiful vineyards, the shows are during day time hours, usually weekends, and are very laidback and family friendly. Think picnic blankets, bare feet and backpacks loaded with snacks. The “vineyard” part also ensures lots of high class plonk. Add in the fact that the shuttle bus services hit most of the hotels and resorts in the area and you have a very winning formula.

I was super excited for our first #ADOTG experience when I saw the announcement that an upcoming bill would feature Garbage. The weird thing about Garbage is that I have always liked all their music and think Shirley Manson is the ants pants, but I’ve never seen them live and would not have even really said I was a fan. Even though I obviously am. In the support slots were Adalita {who I was missing and needed to see live again} and an Aussie band I have had on VERY heavy rotation recently, The Preatures. Rounding out the bill were Tash Sultana {lots of buzz at the moment} and Temper Trap.

After a nice little road trip to the venue and an upgrade on check in and once the shuttle bus was booked I was getting excited. I was a bit stressed at the leisurely pace of the bus driver, who arrived at our hotel late, didn’t have any clue as to who had already paid or had yet to, stopped on the way to pick up every other late straggler who didn’t own a fucking watch, and got us to the venue ten minutes into Adalita’s opening set. {Insert steam-coming-out-of-ears emoji.}

We found ourselves a nice patch of lawn close to the stage, and were rewarded two songs later when Adalita dedicated the Magic Dirt classic “Ice” to my husband and I. There was a new song getting it’s public debut {didn’t catch the name} as well as another upcoming newbie I’ve heard a few times and love, called “Equations”. After a quick stop at the bar it was off to the merch stand for meet and greets and signings, and after a chat with Ads and lots of hugs my day was awesome again.

We missed seeing Tash Sultana as we were with Adalita at the time, but there were a few pauses in the conversation as we stopped to catch a moment here and there, and she sounded impressive. The crowd were very into her music. As her set ended and after another trip to the bar, we made our way back to the front, spread out the picnic rug, and were ready and excited for The Preatures.

When it comes to frontwomen or just cool rockin’ singers I obviously have a type. Fierce, talented, the kind of women who you just know don’t cop any bullshit. Isabella from The Preatures is exactly that kind of rock chick, but after being seduced by their pop-py synth heavy album I was blown away by how “rock” they are. She stalked, strutted, and prowled the stage like a lioness, and their cover of The Divinyls “Boys In Town” was fucking amazing. Band of the day for me hands down.

Their set was over all too soon, and I will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for future tour dates.

Next up were co-headliners Temper Trap, and all I’ll say is: not really my bag. The crowd seemed to love them and there were people who actually packed up and left after their set, but I don’t know if I’m just too old or stuck in familiar genres, but they bored the pants off me and their set was interminable.

Another drink please…img_4826

FINALLY it was time for the main attraction!!!!!

The sun was just going down as Garbage took to the stage {minus Butch Vig on drums and with Eric Avery of Janes Addiction on bass}, and the atmosphere in the crowd was electric. Supervixen was the first song and Shirley Manson belted it out like a fucking queen. She had the crowd in the palm of her hand the entire show, and I danced my butt off. They played lots of oldies and all their biggest songs, some new stuff too, and after waiting all day and crossing my fingers for months they closed with Vow, before an encore of Only Happy When It Rains, which went out to “the guy draped in the Scottish flag.”

With a bill so heavy on strong and rocking female performers there was probably never any doubt that I would leave happy, but these ladies were absolutely on fire. Adalita, Isabella, and Shirley were more than worth the price of admission alone, and one of my favourite things with any gig is seeing a band for the first time and being blown away. I knew Adalita and band were excellent, expected that Garbage would be a top notch live band, but it was The Preatures that were the highlight. Check out their new single below. And do yourself a favour and catch a live show if you get the chance.


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