Vegan Tacos

I love Mexican food. Not that I’ve probably had the most authentic Mexican food, but between one of my favourite local restaurants serving up exciting and creative Mexican food and some experimenting at home I do know that it’s a favourite.

Since becoming vegan Mexican food has shot even further up the list by being one of the best vegan -friendly cuisines. With such a heavy reliance of fresh plant based produce and healthy grains, and with some great dairy substitutes now widely available, it one of the easiest things I can dish up that everyone loves to eat. Eight hour slow cooked pulled pork for them, all the sides for me!

Apart from my corn salsa {a MUST}, some sauteed beans, and some Spanish style rice, I also like to top my tacos with some panko crumbed vegetables, especially zucchini fingers. Take a look at the full recipe for my pulled pork tacos for instructions on how to make the rice, guacamole, and beans {and the pork if you’re cooking for carnivores} and go crazy tweaking them to suit. I sometimes add diced avocado to the salsa and leave out the guacamole.

what you need

  • corn tortillas {gluten free btw}
  • guacamole
  • corn salsa
  • sauteed beans in tomato sauce
  • Spanish style rice
  • optional: vegan shredded cheese, crumbed vegetable fingers, hot sauce

what to do

  • Prepare the salsa, beans, and rice {and vegetables if using them: dip into flour/almond milk/panko crumb and fry til golden}. Make the guacamole just before serving, or add the avocado to the salsa.
  • Warm the tortillas just before serving, and that’s it! Plonk everything on the table and let everyone assemble their own tacos with whatever they like! Too easy and too delicious.



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