Good stuff on toast

By good stuff I mean a bit more than jam or honey. And by toast I mean some really good chewy sourdough, preferably with seeds, toasted until golden and crunchy. The kind of toast you need a knife and fork for. Maybe something you enjoy every morning, or maybe something you indulge in on holidays or maybe even during some time off {Christmas break anyone? 😉 }

So. Obviously no recipe is needed, and obviously you don’t need me to tell you what you like. Here, then, is a pictorial gallery devoted to all the good stuff on toast I currently enjoy {after becoming vegan} as well as the stuff I loved to eat before.

Breakfast {or brunch or lunch or snack-time} never looked so good.

Obviously I’m pretty boring as most of my toppings revolve around avocado, mushroom, spinach, and tomato, but how magical is some haloumi on top? And I used to LOVE fried sardines and marinated anchovies, the way the bread would soak up all those oily juices. Eggs are always going to be a hit with almost everyone, and when I had my cafe there wasn’t a more visually appealing dish that some kind of vegies on toast with a poached egg on top.

What’s your favourite stuff on toast? Decadent or everyday?

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