The hair extensions diary part 2: pros and cons.

It’s now been a few weeks since I had the hair extensions put in, and there are definitely what I would consider downsides, although it could just be a case of needing some more time to become fully accustomed to them. I also think that Summer might not be best time for hair extensions, but then maybe there isn’t such a thing as the perfect time anyway. You either bite the bullet or you don’t.

the cons:

Summer heat is not the time to have lots of extra hair around your neck. I think my hair is tied back about 99% of the time. Not what I paid all that money for, but nor do I want to be styling it when I’m chillaxing all day. And speaking of which:

Blow drying: holy fucking shitballs. Only for a very special occasion.

I should have insisted on having the ends layered, as the blunt cut isn’t my bag with this much length, it’s just too bulky. {Easily fixed at my next hair appointment though.}

The bonds: I am still aware of them during the day and I don’t know why I stupidly thought I wouldn’t feel them at all. I’ve also thought a hundred times that there’s no way I could cope with a full head of these things, thank every heavenly power that exists that I went for volume over length.

No running your fingers through your hair. Just don’t even think about it.

I am still compulsively touching the sides of my head to see if the bonds are peeking through. They’re not and I hope I can just get over that. I’m just super paranoid that they look like this:


No more high messy bun or ponytail. The bonds are meant to lie flat so low is the only way to go. Which sucks because: Summer.

Washing and conditioning hair is also a bit trickier, you can’t just get in there for a vigorous scrub, you need to be mindful of the bonds and be gentle. You also need to use only sulfate and paraben free shampoos which are pricey and not always easily available.

the pros:

They air dry better than I thought they would, I really thought I would have to style them every day but I don’t. Although it is far curlier than my own hair, even down to the ends.

Sleeping is fine now, in fact it only took a couple of nights to get used to sleeping with them.

Braiding and brushing twice a day is as no fuss as I had expected it to be.

When I DO bother to blowdry and style it I definitely love having more hair to play with, and the added swish factor is pretty awesome. I would also swear that having so much more hair around my face seems to make my cheekbones stand out more, giving me instant contour and definition.

to sum up:

I guess I’m an idiot for not understanding that adding that much hair would add a lot of weight too, and that I would need some time to adjust to it. I also didn’t stop to think how much I do keep my hair out of my face, and I also didn’t think about how having finer shorter hair means that even when it is loose it doesn’t demand so much attention or awareness, it’s far easier to ignore.

I am also looking forward to seeing my hairdresser soon, as the colour has gone a bit all over the place, with my own colour having faded by now and blending with the extensions even less. Plus the ends really need to be shaped and blended with my hair a bit better. The salon where I had the extensions put in offer a free consultation for this very purpose within two weeks of application but with Christmas, New Year, various public holidays, and our beach holiday that made squeezing an appointment in impossible.

I know that when they do need to come out I will suddenly feel bald and hairless and I’ll be missing the extensions in no time, and mostly I’m thinking that I’m just a big whiney sook who is never satisfied.

Til next time.




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