Summer holiday bites.

Hello 2017!

It feels like we’re just coming out of that holiday daze lazy feeling, or at least starting to. The last two weeks were way too indulgent, with a seeming never ending supply of chips, dips, crackers, and cheeses. My vegan-ism pretty much went to shit, with far too much of the fromage stuff being consumed, and the resulting bloat isn’t much fun. I’m in no way interested in meats or even the seafood I used to love but I am contemplating adding eggs and just a little bit of dairy back into my diet. Something like lacto-ovo vegetarian for those who like labels {which I do, thank you very much}. It feels like a cop out to be honest, even though I originally intended to try being vegan for a month to test the health benefits. The positive results were almost instant so I stuck to it, but a recent reliance on all the shitty kinds of vegan foods, i.e. mostly carbs and refined white flour based foods, has seen me back to sluggish and bloated and overall feeling heavy again.

I’m also over being the difficult person to feed in social situations, even though I’m obviously not hardcore at all.

Despite my whinging the summer break is a great time to try new recipes, restaurants, and cafes. I was stoked to finally get to Pilgrims Vegetarian Cafe, even though it wasn’t the one just 15 minutes from home but rather the original one three hours away. Hubby and I had the sourdough toast topped with good stuff {avo and an egg for him, avo, mushrooms, and pesto for me}, and our son had the pancakes with maple syrup. And I have to say that they were probably the best pancakes we’ve ever tried anywhere.

I thought there would be more eating out while we were away but the days just seemed to call for quick easy meals at home, probably explaining all the snacks. There were BBQ’s, seafood, lasagne for the kids, and lots of salads.

And there was a nutella pizza for the kids too. I’m SO not that nutella-loving parent tbh, which puts me in the minority.

For now there are new cookbooks to flick through and new meals to create, and I can’t wait to get started. I’ve also kind of imposed a healthier new year on everyone since I decided that I’m just not going to buy so many of the crap snack foods anymore. There are so many healthier alternatives to potato chips, which we demolish in crazy quantities even though there are a lot of us. And apart from the eight year old I figure no-one else can really argue with me too much, since we all would like to get a bit fitter.

I also signed up for Kayla Itsines’es BBG program, God help me.

Here’s to a healthier and fitter 2017.

Whatever we end up eating. 😉

I’d love to know what you’ve been indulging in these holidays, or have you managed to stay on track?



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