The hair extensions diary: 3 months in

Three months later, do I finally love them?

Well I definitely don’t hate them but I’m still not sure I’d say I love them.

Here’s what I can tell you:

Are they worth the money?

Yes, definitely. I paid for volume and volume is what I got. So much so that I hardly ever bother to blow dry because it takes so bloody long. I also wash it less because it’s thicker and doesn’t look in need of a wash as often. And I’ve only had one extension fall out just this week, which is also pretty excellent after more than three months.

Do they really look and feel natural?

Okay, yes and no. The actual hair does look and feel natural because it is human hair, so styling it, drying, it, leaving it to air dry, and running it through your fingers all feel totally normal. BUT, the tiny bonds mean that you can’t really run your fingers through your hair like you normally would, from the top. Bottom half only. But it is easy to forget that all of this hair isn’t really your own. And I don’t think anyone would ever look at my hair and think I have extensions, mostly because I went for volume which means half the number of extensions you would get for both volume and length.

Is it nice to have lots of hair where before you had fine strands?

Fuck yeah. I am quietly worried at how bald I’m going to feel when they’re gone.

Would I recommend them?

Absolutely. I do accept that I’m being a nitpicker with how much I’ve been aware of the bonds {even though I don’t know how you can’t not be otherwise you wouldn’t be taking care of them, right?}, and that’s really my only complaint. I also noticed on the website that the bonds are rolled between the fingers to seal them, creating a tiny smooth bead as they bond, whereas mine were pressed flat, leaving me with tiny squares. Which means corners, however small. Make sure the person applying them rolls the bonds when they seal it to your hair rather than pressing them flat.

What about colouring them?

You can’t bleach or lighten but otherwise they colour like normal. I do think that they fade quicker, I can’t find any info on this but my ends are always lighter than the top since getting extensions, maybe they are a bit more porous and don’t hold the colour as well. My hair also has a lot of natural red tones whereas the extensions don’t, so when my colour does fade there is some patchiness. The picture below was taken about a week before my last colour and you can see the ends have some different shades.

Are they THAT high maintenance?

Not really. You do have to brush them twice a day and plait your hair before bed, but that’s pretty much the only steps you have to remember on a daily basis. Apart from that it’s taking care when blowdrying or styling not to point your hairdryer or straightener directly on to the bonds. I stopped using the special paraben and sulphate free shampoo and conditioner a while back to be honest. The hairdresser also knows how to colour and style them so that’s not a problem either. Just watch out if they offer an apprentice to do your blow-dry, chances are they might not know how to avoid the bonds and may tug at your hair more than they should.

Will I get them again?

Everyone I speak to says that no-one ever stops after the first time, and I suppose if you get long enough wear out of them it works out somewhat cost effective. For now I can’t see myself getting them again anytime soon, I just really want to be able to run my fingers through my hair and fall into bed without thinking about my hair and scrape together a messy top bun without knowing that my bonds are showing. As fine and volume-less as it is I know I’m okay with having nothing but my own hair. Although there was this one good hair day I’ll never forget…

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