Bye bye hair extensions

I can’t believe the time flew so fast and five months later it was time for the hair extensions to be removed.

Despite expecting to lose quite a few extensions {I read about people losing five to ten in so many reviews}, I only lost two, and one of those was just a few days before they were due to come out. Removal was a simple and quick process of using some plier-like instrument to gently crush the bond then slide it off the hair. To be honest I’m not sure how much hair I may have lost doing this, it didn’t look damaging at all and didn’t hurt one bit but my hair is definitely shedding rapidly at the moment so it’s probably better I didn’t look.

Then it was a matter untangling the knots left behind where the bonds had been and a wash and blow dry and it was all done. Less than an hour all up and I am finally able to run my fingers through my hair again.


The next few days it took me a while to remember that the bonds were gone but there is no mistaking how little hair I now have. It does seem even finer than I had before the extensions but I really believe that it only feels like that because I was used to having all that extra hair for five months and I just forgot.

One HUGE plus is that my hair hasn’t felt this silky soft and healthy for a long time, the extensions meant that I couldn’t bleach my hair so all I did was the regrowth and a trim every second visit. I was expecting a little more length what with not having really cut the ends for five months, and also because I could see at the roots how much the extensions had moved down, but there is absolutely no extra length whatsoever. I look at photos taken right before the extensions were applied and it looks exactly like it does now. Did the hairdresser cut into my own hair when trimming the layers? Hmmm…we tried to avoid doing that so I’m not sure what happened there. But then I see a photo and it doesn’t look as short or as thin as it feels. 

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