OOTD: pineapple power

For someone who thinks she has enough black in her wardrobe to handle life in the funeral business there are actually a lot of prints. Many times I’ll see an out-there print on someone else and think how much I love it, despite the fact that I would never actually notice it in a store or online. So what I did recently was challenge myself to stop being afraid of prints, especially of the surely not variety.

Case in point: this pineapple dress.

Yes it’s black, but it’s also covered in big colourful pineapples. I first saw this print on Instagram and fell in love with it, so much so that when I went to buy it I had trouble deciding between this long sleeve shirt dress, a longer length sleeveless shirt dress, or a kimono style wrap dress. I was tempted to grab all three and to be honest I’m sure I’ll go back for the wrap dress at some stage.

I’ve worn it with flat knee-high boots, ankle boots, and heeled fitted boots {shown below}, and I also like to throw a long sleeveless jacket over it too. It will also no doubt suit that in-between weather, worn with sandals or wedges and without the tights. It’s that most beautiful of things that I love in a piece of clothing: fun, comfortable, and versatile. As well as that other big tick: pockets.


Plus how can you not feel happy wearing pineapples all day?

Dress: Little Party Dress {purchased 2017}

Boots: Tony Bianco {purchased 2016}


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