OOTD: a coat with attitude

Many years ago during a late night online shopping session I spied the kind of coat I loved but wasn’t sure I would wear. Throwing caution to the wind I snapped up this fluffy oversized and obviously faux fur leopard print coat, which always gets some kind of comment or raised eyebrows because it’s just so damn big, but is the warmest snuggliest thing in the world to wear on a cold day.

My rule is to wear it with all black, even though on this particular day I broke my own rule and went with tan ankle boots. There was one comment at school pickup and one of my son’s asked me if I was suddenly a pimp, but did it faze me? Not one bit, because not only does this coat have some serious attitude, so, apparently, does its owner.

Coat: Modcloth {purchased circa 2010}

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