OOTD: holiday time!

It’s a grey, rainy, and downright miserable day outside right now. It’s the kind of cold and windy woolly-scarf and hot tea weather that makes you yearn for a fireplace and some marshmallows. And yet I’m up to my microbladed eyebrows in all the summer frocks and sandals.

How good is it to escape on holidays somewhere warm in the middle of winter!!!

I grabbed this shirt dress with a cool little tie detail at the hip in anticipation of a European summer, and am loving it stupid with these block heel nude sandals I completely forgot I had.


Dress: ??? {The label is “STRIKING” but I cannot remember which website I bought it from, possibly Little Party Dress???}

Shoes: Billini

There’s been the expected flurry of online shopping {because you didn’t actually think for one second that I’d believe I had enough clothes, right?}, and some of the haul looks like this:

Dresses pictured above from The Outnet:
L: Daisy oatmeal flecked cotton knit dress by Tart Collections
R: Angelica ruffled snake print crepe de chine dress by Tart Collections
Dresses pictured above from Asos:
L: Boohoo mesh floral strappy dress
M: ASOS TALL cami plisse dress in orange
R: Glamorous TALL tie dye shift dress with pom pom detail
Dresses pictured above from Jean Jail:
L: Hello ruffle faux wrap maxi dress in navy polka dot
R: Royal skies off the shoulder Leah dress

Surprisingly for a granola loving home birth advocating kind of gal I also picked up my first pair of Birkenstocks, and all that’s left to do now is throw everything into a suitcase and jump on a plane!

Okay not really because there are still boring things like work and school and bills to be taken care of, but my essay length TO DO list is almost all ticked off.

And then it’s sunshine and cocktails all the way.


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