OOTD: caftan love

There are those things you spy in a clothes store that you just know, the minute you lay eyes on it, that is completely and utterly perfect. You slip it on and it’s exactly what you thought it would be and more.

And is there anything easier to wear while still making you feel pretty than a caftan dress?

No, I think not.

Once upon a time I shelled out big bucks for a floaty tie-neck not-quite-caftan dress from Australia’s queen of caftans, Camilla. The dress was gorgeous and I absolutely loved it, and instead of my usual mentality of “it’s expensive therefore I should wear it carefully and sparingly”, thereby hardly wearing it at all, I made it one of my most worn everyday dresses, and quite literally wore it to death. What I couldn’t convince myself to do was fork out double for the big sister caftan versions which come in at between $600 and $800 no matter how much my inner frockaholic begged and pleaded.

Enter the humble neighbourhood boutique.

Knock off? Yeah, for sure.

But do I care? Hell no.

For under a hundred bucks this caftan is no less wearable, no less pretty or flattering or comfortable, and I dare say that apart from possibly losing a few beads and bling at some point in the future and an odd loose thread which you get on almost everything anyway, not that badly made either.

All of which means this: a killer caftan and change for shoes and accessories as well.


Caftan: Trinity Clothing Menai



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