Dressing for your age? No thanks.

*It’s possible this post should have been titled “Where to go when you want to buy clothes in real life rather than take your chances online and you’re no longer 18 and genetically blessed.”

I was reading a blog post recently by a blogger I’ve followed for years, who discussed her frustration at buying clothes for the middle aged woman*. And at almost 43 I have to admit that I am definitely somewhere at or at least near the midpoint of my life, which all got me to thinking about those quaint old notions of “dressing your age” that we used to hear our mums talk about.

Back in the 80’s and even 90’s it seemed like once you hit that midpoint you were expected to look a certain way, usually involving cutting off your hair and shopping in stores your daughter would never enter in her worst nightmares. A whole generation of women actually seemed to accept that long hair no longer suited them just because of the number of candles they were blowing out. Our mum’s generation also seemed to stop wearing jeans completely somewhere around their mid thirties.


Take a look round now and thankfully the notion of dressing for your age seems to have gone the way of shoulder pads and perms. As evidenced by some of the cool af thirty-plus women I follow on Instagram:

Finding the perfect outfit can be tricky though, especially when your abs disappear after you lug a few babies around in your belly. To be honest I never had any abs to speak of, and I also seem to have acquired those jelly arms we used to call tuckshop arms. But you know what? I don’t fucking care. If it’s summer and you like a sleeveless top or dress then WEAR IT. Who cares about your arms???? My cupboard is filled with strappy sleeveless everything despite my jelly arms {which my freaky little 8 yr old loves btw}. Sure I don’t love anything skin tight across my mid section but I never did. I never used to wear short dresses or skirts before because I never thought I could, but you know what I wear now when it’s hot? Yep, short skirts and dresses. Not indecent short, but the kind of lengths I avoided for years.

It’s simple: dress however you like and however makes you feel good.

I took a look around my local shopping centre, because I get that sometimes you need to try shit on rather than taking your measurements and hoping for the best when buying online. Below are some of my favourite retailers, most of the stuff isn’t cheap because where’s the fun looking at the boring everyday stuff? Looking good at any age is easy, and all of these looks work on women in their 30’s, 40’s, and beyond who see no reason to stop looking hot af.

Click on the store name to go to be whisked straight to their website.


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And if there’s one woman celebrated for her bold refusal to “dress her age”, it’s the ageless and fearless Iris Apfel, who gets the final word:

*The idea of being middle aged does freak me out, but if Kylie Minogue and J Lo are middle aged then you can definitely count me in. 😉

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