OOTD: Spring has {finally} sprung

Skipping out on half the Winter should mean that I don’t need to be so excited now that it’s finally starting to warm up ever so slightly. I mean, I’m still sporting a very impressive tan ffs. But the truth is that it was brutally hard going from a heatwave to freezing cold and I don’t think I coped or adjusted at all.

{Yeah I know, boo fucking hoo 😉 }.

Despite still not being consistently warm or sunny, there have been just enough rays of sun to begin the defrosting process, and even part of the day spent with bare arms or legs is better than nothing. Some of the OOTD’s have looked like this:

The Leona dress on the left I couldn’t wait to wear as I’m just suck a sucker for any kind of swishy type skirt action on a dress. The striped number on the right is also set to become a firm favourite, with it’s roomy and forgiving comfort levels and pockets.

There was lots of back and forth with cardigans and jackets being on then off then on then off again, one new and very cool t shirt, and one very roomy peasant smock top that makes me look massively pregnant but who fucking cares because I’m obviously too old for that to be the case and am opting for comfort all the way. But thanks to the lady who asked anyway.

I’m also participating in Steptember, raising some cash for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance and the amazing work they do supporting families and individuals to enable every person living with CP to live life to the fullest. I’ve seen what can be achieved close up, and after I wiped away my tears from watching a toddler determined to walk who had way more guts and strength than I could ever hope to, I said yes to pledging at least 10,000 steps a day throughout September. We’re almost half way through but there’s still plenty of time to make a donation, which you can do HERE. I know there are so many great causes around asking us to open our wallets as well as our hearts, but every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated.

And as October and family birthday season looms large all I’m really thinking is how the bloody hell does each year seem to go by faster than the one before???


Til next time.



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