OOTD: kimono kapers.

Once upon a time I bought myself a kind of lacey fringed black kimono from Kmart, and in my head I could so clearly see how good it would look. It languished in my wardrobe, being tried on a few times but never somehow living up to those visions I had seen in my head. It was eventually donated along with other items that would live only in my imagination.

Fast forward a couple of years and during a spell of online shopping I saw a kimono masquerading as a cape, all pretty and bedazzled like my very favourite summer caftans. I threw caution to the wind and bought it. But this time I was determined to wear it, and this time I hit Pinterest and Instagram for some clue as to how to make the most of it.

In a word: JEANS.

With jeans and a floaty tank or cami type top is the best way to work a kimono/cape, even though I can still see it over a simple slip dress or denim mini.

Kimono anguish solved.

Kimono: ST FROCK Guardian Cape {colours vary and my dark version is no longer available}


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