All praise the beauty goddesses: my brow game just got a whole lot better.

Brow product trial no. 745.

Brow related blog post mention no. 280.

Number of brow products currently in my makeup cabinet: too many to count.

You just know I’m going to try every new brow product that is ever released, don’t you? And when I saw an ad on the telly one night for what appeared to be an at home tattoo slash tinting option that promised to last for three days you can bet that I hit the shops the very next day to get my hands on some. But alas, it seems that the ladies in my neighbourhood had already heard about it well before I did because it was all sold out. Then I read Rosie’s review of it and knew I wasn’t going to have a moment’s peace until I finally had a chance to try it for myself.

“It” being Maybelline Tattoo Brow Gel Tint.

And all I can say is thank fuck someone actually delivered what they promised for once!!!


Bare faced except for tattooed brows. Sorry kids.

It’s been exactly four weeks since my last salon brow tint so I knew that the time was right, and as I went about the usual morning before school routine I popped it on, very carefully though as I was unsure if it would stain the skin. I was pretty generous with it too. My son did a classic double take and asked me if I knew that my brows looked a bit crazy. Yes son, this is just how your mum rolls.

After thirty minutes I peeled away the film that had formed and was impressed beyond words that what remained was bloody perfect. As in, NO FILLING IN REQUIRED perfect. And there’s not one product that lets me skip using my fine tip pencil, not even tinting.

Have I possibly found the holy grail of brow products???

I’ll update the post in a few days when I see how long it lasts for, and to be honest I’m finally looking forward to a summer where I don’t have to choose between having swim-proof brows but seeing the beautician every two weeks or going for a swim and losing most of them. And let’s face it, pomades and wax type products are a major time investment which I just aint got the time for.

I used the dark brown shade which was absolutely perfect.

And you know there’s no better start to my day than good brows right?


Update: the first application lasted pretty much one day, although I could have got another day out of it if I wasn’t OCD with my brows. The second application I left on for just over an hour, and the good news is that I definitely got three days wear, and even though it had faded a bit by the third morning and had taken on a very light brown-ish hue, a very quick touch up with a pencil was all it needed, literally just a few strokes. I’ve been applying for almost two hours since and the results are fantastic, although I think I need to switch to the grey-brown shade as my brows are more ashy than brown. Very much loving this product, and looking forward to beach days and not having my brows wash off in the waves!


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    1. OMG I know! I’ve actually read a bit more since I tried it and apparently you can leave it on for two hours and some people even tried overnight. And apparently a couple of 2 hr goes really builds the colour up and you can get longer than three days. I think I’ll do that next.

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