Taco Tuesday

It’s no secret that our family loves Mexican food. What began with a few packets of Old El Paso taco shells and nacho kits many many years ago has grown into a love affair with the more authentic kind of Mexican food, think hours of long slow cooking for pulled pork and adobo sauces that blow your taste buds right off. And despite my own personal preference of eating out and enjoying lots of shared plates {and margaritas 😉 } at places like Mejico and Flying Fajita Sisters, Taco Tuesday is a regular thing at our place, especially after Mr 9 watched The Lego Movie a few years ago….

Yep, that’s exactly how it works…

Our most recent #tacotuesday saw a first: one of the kids stepped up to cook one of the taco fillings.

He cooked the chicken as per his own method which he usually serves over rice for a healthy mid week lunch:

  • You take some chicken thigh fillets, season well with a Moroccan or harissa type spice rub, brown well in a pan on high heat, once they’re browned slice them up, lower the heat, cover, and let them finish cooking through. Very nice with some lime squeezed on top.

I also pan fried some speck {pancetta or bacon will also work} until crispy, then added some salmon pieces {skin removed and large diced} and prawns {peeled and butterflied}, seasoned with a dry chipotle seasoning mix and finished with lime. Corn & tomato salsa and guacamole are a must, and some quickly sauteed garlic mushrooms were added to the mix as well.

All up our table looked something like this:

Yes there were beef nachos too.

Because everyone likes to be home for dinner on #tacotuesday.

Corn tortillas make for a gluten free alternative and taste better than wheat ones anyway, and vegan cheeses make it easy to skip animal products. And to be honest I leave the cheese out of mine because by the time I’ve loaded on all the vegie sides there’s not much room for anything else and nor does it need a single thing more except maybe a drizzle of spicy sauce.

My corn and tomato salsa is a staple, doing double duty for both #tacotuesday as well as a salad option alongside BBQ’s. When serving as a salad I tend to add a can of rinsed black beans, and hello deliciousness.

Here are some more of my taco recipes, click on the name to see the recipe in full:




Long live #tacotuesday.


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