OOTD catch up: more polka dots than you can shake a stick at

Fourteen days since my last OOTD post I thought I’d do a quick round up of some of what’s been happening on the “style” scene.

Although I’m using the word style very loosely.

Both dresses: TARGET

The palm tree print is the same one as seen on the slouchy pants a couple of weeks ago, and both dresses are actually the same style. You know I also needed the polka dot version right?


Although while setting up for the polka dot dress shot the mirror I thought was nicely positioned leaned all the way forward and collided with my head before I even saw it coming. I soldiered on though, getting the shot before the lump that would inevitably appear managed to do so. Ice was applied after the shot was in the bag.

Certified dumbass right there folks.

And speaking of polka dots I was happy to finally wear a new frock I picked up a couple of weeks ago. As well as my favourite print it also has a dropped waist, pockets, and a frilled hem. It’s also one of those things that just slips right on and instantly feels perfect. Another find from one of my favourite new brands, Decjuba.


There were a lot of boring working-from-home-doing-admin kind of days which meant jeans and T’s or the same handful of floaty maxi dresses currently on heavy rotation, and I also pulled out my favourite caftan. Beaded and colourful, it’s definitely something I love to wear, and is always mistaken for being much more expensive than it’s actual price tag of $50 would suggest.

Striped top: KMARTCropped jeans: JUST JEANSSlides: BIG WCaftan: TRINITY CLOTHING BOUTIQUE {Menai & Sylvania}

And finally there was this morning’s {brief} look. I felt like mixing things up and not just wearing yet another dress. I’m still feeling my way around mixing prints, so much so that I basically don’t do it. If I wear a print and add any other item of clothing it’s almost always a solid colour, like a denim jacket, or a T shirt with a slogan or band print. But I love how supposedly clashing prints look when other people wear them and decided to be adventurous. In the end I teamed a striped midi skirt with a polka dot top, both in black and white. A pop of colour with accessories seemed like a good idea.

The end result looked like this, and something about it just didn’t feel perfect. Maybe I’m just not used to mixing prints or maybe I just mixed the wrong things…still undecided on this look.

{And yes, I was in a tried and trusty maxi by lunchtime}.


Skirt: KMART

Slides & accessories: BIG W

There were also a couple of days spent in activewear despite not being very active, and so many bloated fat days that the writing is unmistakeably on the wall: it’s well past time I tackled the surplus kilos that I’ve mostly been ignoring. And I don’t think I can wait for another new year resolution to do it, so I may as well start today.

And just think of all the skirts I’ll want to wear when my waist is back where I like it to be.


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