Counting down to a #zerofucks Christmas

It only feels like a few weeks ago that we got back from Croatia, and I am finding it almost impossible to grasp that not only is it Christmas in less than two weeks time but the long awaited New York trip is also done and dusted.

We arrived home in the midst of a non stop party because one of the Croatian cousins was spending a week with us, and no sooner had my daughter and I said goodbye to the big apple than it felt like I was back in a full crazy house planning dinner. I had hoped to do a series of New York inspired blog posts but to be honest there’s just no time. Lots of the best pics were shared on my Instagram account though, so feel free to take a look should you so choose {see the sidebar}. Meanwhile here are some of my favourite photos, places, and memories:

This time of year always feels like we’re all speeding downhill on a roller coaster, with Christmas looming large and pressure coming from absolutely everywhere to get everything perfect*. In keeping with this year’s #zerofucks philosophy, however, I’ve decided that I can enjoy the lead up to Christmas as well as the day itself by doing a few things differently. The very first thing was ditching my usual anxiety over finding everyone the perfect* gift, then worrying if I’ve spent enough on everyone, as well as spending the same amount on everyone, all in the interest of fairness and generosity. What it generally does is make me crazy though, so this year I’ve decided that if something costs $20 but I know that particular person will love it, then so be it. I also brought almost everyone something back from New York, and at this stage it’s looking like two of my kids won’t be getting anything for Christmas, while one is receiving a shared gift with his partner, leaving only one to buy for. I’m just feeling a really strong need to tone the whole frenzy down if at all possible.

I haven’t even thought about Christmas lunch yet, and that’s fine too. I don’t doubt that whatever we do end up eating it’ll be delicious and in generous supply.

And speaking of food, after a week living on takeaway I was CRAVING home cooked food and went nuts as soon as I got home.

I also saved my back some heartache this Christmas by opting out of assembling and decorating my giant tree, instead using the much smaller $20 tree I bought last year. The usual OCD desire for a colour coordinated theme has also been given the boot, and Mr 9 and I instead chose the decorations we liked best, colours be damned. The only must for my Christmas tree is making sure I always hang the family photo and personalised decorations front and centre, along with the old sentimental favourites. Joining them all this year is a yellow NYC cab.

And after the big chill of New York it’s been so nice to get back into all my favourite summer frocks, and delving into the makeup haul from Sephora has been fun too. I didn’t go completely nuts like my daughter did though…

I also couldn’t help noticing while looking through my wardrobe the other day that I’m suddenly being more and more drawn to bright and bold colours and prints. And while I’m not about to get rid of all the black clothes I love, I’d like to believe that all those colourful frocks might actually reflect the fact that my head is in a much better, more cheerful, space this year than in the past, and I have to say that I really like this theory. I cannot even begin to explain how much the #zerofucks and #perspective ways of thinking have rid me of so much wasted anxiety.

And a big cheers to that too.


*save yourself the stress: there’s no such thing.


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  1. Bravo! Loving the year of zero fucks and I must say I’m right there with you on taking a much needed back seat on the craziness.
    Your trip looked amazing and I’m insanely jealous!! xo

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