OOTD :: The Great Decjuba Crush of 2017: still going strong

My daughter has taken to asking me if I secretly work for Decjuba, because I’m either raving on about the latest and newest favourite whatever I bought there or encouraging her to go check it out. {And buy her own stuff so she can stop stealing mine. Maybe.}

There has been a bunch of new stuff snapped up with Christmas sales, vacations, and whatnot, but these two dresses from Decjuba are easily on highest rotation and became instant favourites when I snapped them up back in November. Shame they both need to be ironed though, although if they didn’t I dare say I’d wear nothing else ever. Comfort, pockets, and each one goes from day to night with zero effort.

Hazel swing dress, available in two colours

Size: medium {very generous fit because I’m definitely more of a large than medium these days}

From day… to night.

Montpellier tiered hem maxi, available in two colours

Size: medium {see above, very roomy fit}

And now that I think about it I really should grab the maxi in the other colour too…


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