DECJUBA :: The Autumn wishlist

It’s no secret that my favorite store of the past year is DECJUBA, and a quick scroll through their Insta feed makes it clear why: denim, black, stripes, and frocks. And my long love of retro everything and my more recent love of prints notwithstanding, Decjuba is the one brand that is basically my default setting on any given day.

Here are some of my lust-have’s for the upcoming season.

the tops

I think we can all agree that black, white, rose pink, and black lace are staples and therefore things you should definitely own. Plus the two slogan T’s will help feed my current obsession with all things NYC related.

the bottoms

There’s something about denim skirts when they’re not mini’s that can scream frumpy suburban housewife, which is why I love the mid-split distressed vibe on this one, especially when paired with the leather jacket. And even though I have too many jeans to count a new black high waisted pair could be in order size wise if my suspicions are correct.

the dresses

I’ve already snapped up the black dress and plan on pairing it with ankle boots, and the grey dress will be perfect for work when I actually manage to secure a paying job.

the scarves

Because I so need more scarves.


the leather jacket

The truth is that I won’t spring for an actual leather jacket because I’m a tight arse and like to tell myself that imitation leather in the form of vinyl or PU is also the animal friendly version, but a waist length leather look biker jacket is an absolute staple for me, and since my last one packed it in I am definitely on the hunt for a replacement and the good news is that this one is the PU version.

Can you tell I’m looking forward to the change in seasons?



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