OOTD :: When you really {don’t} need another pair of black jeans…

It can be like searching for the holy grail, looking for that perfect pair of jeans. And way more important than the pain involved in finding the perfect swimsuit because let’s face it, a good pair of jeans will get a lot more air time than any swimsuit no matter how perfect it is.

Naturally, like every time I go into Kmart, I went in for a couple of work tops and came out with jeans, slides, accessories, and a whole new set of dinner plates.

And while I initially thought that the jeans would be a handy backup pair for hanging around the house I was surprised when I started playing around with different outfits that they may well be my favourite pair this whole year.

Exhibit A:
How awesome are these tops by the way? Second from left is from Atmos & Here, the other three from Decjuba.

Coated black denim gives them that sheen that makes them a night time option with heels or ankle boots while also giving day time outfits a bit of an edge when paired with the ubiquitous converse sneakers.

And I’m seriously on the verge of grabbing a second pair because in just a week I have worn them almost every day.

A N D best of all….they’re only $20.


Lift and shape coated jeans from KMART 


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