Beauty review :: SNS nails

Long nails have always been something I could only have dreamed of, being saddled with very thin and very breakable nails, which weren’t helped any by being a lifelong nailbiter.

I accepted that long slender glamourous nails were never going to be for me, and tbh with very large hands and thick Balkan fingers, the few times I opted for acrylic nails only served to highlight how enormous my hands actually were.

But then in early 2017 I somehow developed a bit of an acrylic nail habit anyway because I was all about whatever makes me happy, and after maintaining them most of the year I realised by December that year that my own nails were growing quite long underneath it all. After some quick Googling I decided to give SNS a try, which is a powder dipping system that basically acts like the acrylic coating over your own nails. It’s rock hard and chip proof and comes in a whole bunch of colours. For more info about SNS check out this article from Beauty Heaven.

And as the months rolled by and I kept up with regular SNS, the transformation in my own decades long nail disaster show was something that seemed unbelievable. 

By late April 2018 I had the long nails I thought would always be impossible. They remain thin and breakable though, which I found out the hard way mid year when I thought I’d give my nails a breather from all the chemicals. I hoped a coat of gel polish alone might be enough but within a couple of days of removing the SNS coating they were back to short. My remedy for it was a couple of months of acrylics before switching back to SNS, and now the only issue I have is deciding on a colour.

And ironically, as much as I love having really long nails, the ideal length that works best for me is somewhat shorter, but still looks nice and well groomed, and a far cry from what I was used to. And as much as the blood red’s and bright fuschia pinks catch my eye and make me swoon, the nudes and natural colours suit my large hands a lot better and are more flattering.

It’s not cheap as it costs a bit more than a set of acrylics, and it takes longer to do each time as there’s no such thing as infills, so it needs to be removed and done from scratch each time. It will also have a noticeable needs-to-be-seen-to grown out stage, the same as an acrylic set. But if you have always wanted a nice set of nails and yours just won’ comply, SNS is definitely something you might be interested in. Personally, I don’t know how I’ll be able to stop, because as soon as I tried I hated how stumpy and awful my hands looked. They are strong, stronger than acrylics, and I’ve only had two nails break in almost a year, both times the right hand index finger, once on the day of my son’s wedding which was so not good timing, but all up not bad at all.

So all up, when it comes to SNS nails, it’s a great big thumbs up from me.


P.S. Every shot is of my natural nails with the SNS, there are no acrylic tips in any of these photos.

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