OOTD :: October wrap up.

Um, how is already the end of October? Tomorrow is Halloween, and there’s now less than eight weeks until Christmas, not that you can tell because the Sydney weather hasn’t really been playing along, with lots of cloudy days instead of Springtime warmth. Outfit-wise there were some new arrivals on my doorstep, thanks to a birthday voucher and some arm-twisting from a friend who insisted I buy a dress she knew I loved when she saw it for half price.

Now that’s a true friend.


I can’t resist taking a peek at Little Party Dress on a Monday night when their new stuff drops, and I recently picked up this sweet little polka dot smock dress, and am only waiting to grab it in some other prints because I am pretending to have some self control.

Sometimes I get stupid ideas and after seeing so many versions I loved on everyone else I became a bit obsessed with finding a jumpsuit that suited me. It was a stupid idea, and it was just not meant to be. In dressing room after dressing room I couldn’t kid myself: they look like shit on me. Give me a dress or a skirt or even jeans, but a jumpsuit, most pants actually, just do not work. So I was pleasantly surprised that this cheap one I tried on as a what-the-hell-moment was actually okay. From Cotton On.

I saw a friend wearing this colourful dress and loved it, we all wondered how I had missed it because it was from our local mall where we all shop, then we all figured it must have only been around for a short time while I was overseas. Next thing I know another friend messages me to tell me she saw the dress in my size and at half price, I tell her I don’t need another dress, she says JUST BUY IT. So I do. From Sussan.

There was this founcy paisley hippie inspired dress from St Frock, which was perfect for our 25th wedding anniversary dinner because let’s face it, weddings and flouncy go hand in hand.

And finally there was this cool look, taken in the shocking orange hued late night lighting of my bedroom, thrown together when I’d been out {hence the leather look leggings}, then it cooled down and I just wanted to be comfortable but still dressed like it was Saturday night so I threw on the snakeskin print shirt dress. Both have been see here and everywhere multiple times, and both are from Decjuba.

Fingers crossed November gets its act together and I can bust out all those summer dresses I am desperately in need of wearing.

Til next time. X.

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