Adieu 2018

What a whirlwind rollercoaster of a year it’s been.

Engagements and weddings, new babies, overseas trips, funerals and farewells, tentative reconciliations: 2018 had it all.

There were the pinch-me moments that we wanted to pause and savour, and there were sad days where we struggled to accept that someone so beloved for so long was no longer with us.

There was the life changing and heart swelling joy of two new babies, who kicked off possibly THE biggest and most emotion filled of years I can remember.

My beautiful in-laws made the permanent move back to their homeland, and even though we saw them a few months later, I miss them all the time.

Our firstborn was engaged in February and married in August, and even with all the anticipation and excitement it surpassed every dream imaginable to become something truly magical and unforgettable.

There was one amazing month in our Dalmatian village home, and the head-exploding joy at having all of my children and their partners there to enjoy it with us.

There was a softening in my heart when it came to the estrangement with my parents. I learned a lot of lessons that I didn’t think I needed to learn, and realised that the acknowledgment of guilt and hurt caused that I was seeking from others applied to me too. Old friendships were reawakened, and what was thought long over became a surprising source of strength once again.

We farewelled a very close and much loved member of the family, and times like these remind us about what’s really important in life. To see a man facing his final hours surrounded by so much love, bolstered by the strong and extremely close family he has created, is the ultimate tribute to a life well lived.

My baby is double-digits, my daughter is already halfway through her uni degree, my two big boys are grown men, and my husband and I celebrated our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, bringing us to almost three decades together.

More than anything, this year for me was one of love. Whether it was through laughter and joy or sadness and grief, love was the emotion at the forefront of everything big this year, and I am humbled beyond words at the blessings who are my family and friends.

I’m not sure what will happen with this blog in 2019, lately it feels like this personal style of blogging just isn’t working for me anymore. OOTD’s will continue on Instagram and I’ll no doubt share recipes from time to time, but lately I just feel like if I’m going to keep blogging it has to be about something different. I know, though, that I love blogging and probably couldn’t stop if I wanted to, so maybe a little shift in direction will be enough. We’ll see I guess.

Thank you for all the words we’ve shared this past year, and I hope that 2019 brings you all everything you never even knew you wanted.

Ana. xxx




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