Yes, having pink hair was all the fun I thought it would be.

After years of lusting after cotton candy pink hair all over Instagram and with the rose brown hue of 2018 not being quite enough, just before Christmas last year I decided that in order to feel that I had truly given the holiday celebrations my all, I needed to bite the pink hair bullet once and for all.

My hair was getting some nice length on it and was in good condition, so I decided it was the right time to hit the bleach. My hairdresser was also up for some fun, which is always a good thing.

I left the salon a week before Christmas with flamingo pink hair, and despite feeling immediately that I had indeed fried my hair I was super happy with the result.

For a few days.

By colouring on the Wednesday and not washing until Saturday, I had hoped to avoid the inevitable loss of colour. I thought I wouldn’t lose too much of the pink but then…

…I lost A LOT of the pink.

And as we headed towards New Years Eve my hair was looking less pink and more peachy orange by the day, which was not giving me the happy feels at all.

So on NYE I grabbed myself a pack of pink hair colour from the supermarket for about $5, and got a massive injection of raspberry pink perfection just in time to party my way into the new year.

New Years Day tinting and colouring action…

The one and only drawback to the supermarket colour was the fact that IT WOULD NOT FADE, and I was forced to resort to the bleach one last time just a few days before I was supposed to begin a new job. Which was a huge shame because it had just hit that perfect dusky faded pink I love so much, but unfortunately turning up at work with bright pink hair and grey roots wasn’t really an option.

I also lost a bit of length, more than I’d been anticipating, but I need my hair to be healthy, and healthy brown locks are what I once again have.

Am I glad I bit the bullet and went hell for leather pink? Absolutely 100%.

Would I do it again? Probably not, but only because I can’t keep it for long enough to make it worth the effort. I’m also 100% certain that I’ll be tempted to do it again at some stage.

The stares and double takes from passersby took some getting used to, and I had thought that with all the different pastel colours around everywhere that I wouldn’t stand out that much. Maybe I just looked too old and tragic for pink hair? It’s possible.

It’s also very possible that I gave zero fucks on either of those points.

So if you happen to be contemplating a crazy hair colour, have been obsessed with the pink hair trend, or think you may be too old to do it, JUST DO IT.

And we can look old and tragic together.


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