My top five design trends of 2019

As much as I try to be sensible as we plan our home renovations and makeover, a girl can’t help but be sidetracked by the kind of stuff that’s definitely never going to find its way into my home. Home interiors are like the new porn, taking up where food left off, making us drool and dream.

And besides, skipping around Pinterest looking at all the things I’ll never be able to have is actually more fun than trying to come up with a theme that’s cohesive for the whole house, affordable, and available in my own country.

Here are some of my favourite home interiors for 2019:

Modern Art Deco

Black & White

Marble Luxe

Jewel Tones

Brass, Gold, and Copper Accents

Honourable mention goes to that genius piece of retro fabulousness that is the drinks cart, which is making a huge comeback. They look gorgeous, add a decadent 70’s party vibe, and come in at pretty much every price point.

Although as hard as I try I just cannot for the life of me find a spot for one in my home.

Which is, let’s be honest, probably just as well.

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