Unreal Housewives

Funny thing happened the other day. During a conversation about the trainwreck reality show that is Married at First Sight I copped some fully judgey eye-rolling when I mentioned watching the Real Housewives of pretty much everywhere, along with some comments along the lines of “OMG those shows are a disaster”. What was funny to me was that I couldn’t care less that someone might judge me for watching far too much Real Housewives because I absolutely do watch too much of it, and totally own up to it. Almost proudly even. I love those women, I really do.

I follow Atlanta, Beverly Hills, New York, New Jersey, Dallas, Melbourne, Orange County, and Potomac. Follow as in, I watch every episode and have seen all previous seasons.

I’ve also previously watched all of Miami, Sydney, Auckland, Vancouver, and Toronto, and have also watched all of Bethenny’s spin off shows. I loved them too.

I’ve even watched all of Don’t Be Tardy.

No I don’t have too much spare time, it’s my late night iPad and headphones time before I fall asleep, as well as my favourite lazy Sunday binge material.

I’m not even sure why I enjoy it so much, except that the New York ladies are the kind of chicks I would LOVE to hang out and do tequila shots and drink skinny margaritas with and stalk in their natural habitat, while the Atlanta ladies are the most entertaining ever.

Every city has its own flavour and so do the women who live in them, and I guess it’s these different personalities and vibes and group dynamics that does it for me. Not to mention the fact that, age wise at least if not in lifestyle or zip code, a lot of them are in the same age group and life stage as I am.

Plus they get to behave outrageously and get paid for it.

{Side note: I LOVE Dorinda}.

Does it matter what we like to watch when we have the time? No, not at all. Sure, I could choose to watch a doco instead and learn something I didn’t know, but I have books for that, and I read a lot. Spending a bit of time watching some trashy reality TV is a bit of harmless fun at the end of the day, so all those judgey types can watch all the MAFS they like and go roll their eyes somewhere else.

I’ll be chilling with B and the girls.




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