Everything old is new again…

One of the obvious perks to shedding a few party pounds is getting back into clothes, and it’s been one of the more fun ways to track my progress these last few months.

I’m currently sitting in a sweet spot where I fit back into just about everything I couldn’t fit into recently, and all the new stuff I bought in the next size up. So it’s a pretty ideal world because I feel great and have a nice big wardrobe to choose from.

But there are some things it’s been so good getting back into, clothes that very nearly risked being donated but were saved by the fact that I love wearing them so much. And getting back into them reminded me exactly why they’re still here.

This polka dot pencil skirt from Dangerfield is magic: it slims you by a whole size while being super comfortable and easy to wear. And to be perfectly honest I cannot stop looking at the pic on the right, taken this week, because I look really really skinny. It’s obviously not airbrushed or tweaked in any way except for cropping and a filter, but I just do not actually look that slim. Gotta love that bengaline…

There was this drop waist polka dot number from Decjuba that very nearly got thrown in the donate pile, and would you look at the smile on my face in the pic on the right? That’s definitely the smile of a person who knows they made the right decision…

The stuff above was all on the sell pile at some stage {except for the leggings because even when they got too tight they were never going anywhere 😉 }. The Gorman dress in particular, which btw I have yet to wear outside my bedroom, was one I tried so hard to sell, listing it on Ebay and Facebook marketplace, but how happy am I that I still have it? Very.

L: Mango, R: Little Party Dress

And last but certainly not least we have these two cute frocks, both deliberately bought a good size too small and then some. They’re not quite perfect yet, maybe a couple more months of sensible eating and they should be though.

Because there’s always next summer after all.

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