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So someone’s been hitting up Sephora and Mecca lately… let’s take a look at what’s got me excited this week:


As I head ever closer to forty-five skincare becomes more and more of an obsession, and it doesn’t take long to hear about brands like La Mer and SK-II. So when I saw that Sephora were offering a set of three SK-II items, including their cult Facial Treatment Essence, Toner, and a face mask for only AUD$99 it went into my basket faster than a speeding bullet.

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So far I can say this: the mask is UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE and I will 100% be splurging on more of these {AUD$161 for six} because I’ve never ever used a face mask and instantly felt such a huge difference in my skin: tighter, clearer, and softer.

The facial essence also seems to be making a noticeable difference just a week into using it, and my skin is looking really good, just overall clearer with less redness and it’s also feeling “baby bum soft”, to use my daughter’s words.

Laura Mercier 

Long hailed as the must own translucent face powder, as someone who hasn’t had the best track record with translucent finishing powders and prefers tinted ones instead, I decided to go with my long held belief that if something is a cult item that’s on every beauty lover’s list then I should probably buy it. And with three long days at work this week it was put to the test in terms of durability and lasting power.

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And I’m happy to say: it delivered.

It gave my face that finishing touch, that smooth and polished look, that my tinted powders seem to have been lacking. It also held up all day, and in fact when I went to remove my makeup fifteen hours after applying it {and after eating, drinking, and lots of nose blowing}, it still looked near perfect. VERY impressed with this, and only wish I’d bought it sooner.

Fenty Beauty

With my daughter singing the praises of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty brand ever since it launched it was only a matter of time until I tried it. And even though I planned to buy the Pro Filt’r Foundation, what actually ended up in my basket were two lippies.

The Stunna Lip Paint, in shade Uncuffed, was put to the test along with the Laura Mercier powder, during long work days. On all of the days I drank my water and cups of tea, ate lunch, fruit, and cookies, and only re-applied ONCE. And even then the colour had barely budged and the nude shade blended with my natural lip colour so that I could have skipped the touch up altogether. Unlike the long lasting matte colours by Kylie Jenner, this one wasn’t as drying or cakey.

The Mattemoiselle Plush, in shade Candy Venom, was tested during a long lunch out. Lots of eating and drinking, and at the end of the day when I went to remove my makeup it looked like this:

And even with the bad dusk lighting you can see that most of the colour is still there. All it needed was a quick touch up.

Kind of goes without saying that the next thing on my list from Fenty Beauty is that foundation.

Kat Von D

Received as a sample from Sephora and which is currently in my basket awaiting checkout was Kat Von D’s Studded Creme Lipstick, in shade Lovecraft.

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It’s the creamy everyday pinky-nude with staying power I’ve been looking for, that kind of shade you wear when you don’t want bare lips but don’t feel like any effort, as well the shade that works with everything. The texture is perfectly creamy without any shine or glossiness, and I desperately need a full size of this.

And just when you though samples couldn’t get any better {and btw Mecca you really need to lift your sample game}, along with the Kat Von D lippie {which was part of a set of colours}, I also received the Kat Von D Brow Pomade. And we all know I need to try every brow product out there, but I found the Anastasia Beverly Hills pomade to be too much work, so the question was: would this one be different???

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It was trickier to apply in that it dried SUPER FAST and needed to be brushed through asap, but the final look was a lot better in my opinion than the Anastasia BH pomade, although it may have been that the colour I chose to use in this sample was less dark brown and more medium, making it easier to avoid the overly dramatic look. I’ll hold off on grabbing this item though, because I already have my appointment for my next brow session with the cosmetic tattooist booked.

All the new beauty stuff feels

Faced with a week in which I’ve been unwell the power of some new makeup and skincare that delivered everything it promised was exactly what I needed. The buzz of a long wearing lippie or the feel of good skin was a definite boost. I felt good every time I headed out the door, and that’s basically what makeup is there for, right?

What items do you swear by?

Let me know in the comments…



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  1. Skii didn’t work for me. Found it exepensive as well. My new brands trying at the mo is Paula’s choice

    1. I’ve seen a few reviews where it didn’t work for everyone, I guess no one product could! So far so good for me, but there have been plenty of misses too.

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