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First of all let me say that I’m very happy that I don’t work full time. I’ve done it before, and the juggling involved is, for me, just too much. Something always has to give and it’s pretty much always my own mental health and sanity that does. So part time is perfect for me, and also means that choosing a work outfit isn’t a daily chore, but is something I enjoy instead.

I work in a high school, and the dress code is professional. So no visible tattoos or bra straps, and obviously no plunging necklines or soaring hemlines. I also need to be comfortable, and the room I spend most of my day in is arctic cold, so no bare legs. Not even in the Summer.

Here are some of the work outfits that I love:




And to be honest I didn’t even own a single pair of pants that weren’t jeans or leggings before starting this job, but a skinny leg cut made of bengaline looks super flattering and is so comfortable to wear all day.

Dresses are my go to, and now that we’ve hit Autumn being able to add tights and scarves is definitely sparking joy.




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